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      Here are some interesting stats.

      It’s from a survey carried out by Valve and is based off of over 800,000 participants.


      Note that the actual results are skewed, as owners of HalfLife2 etc will of course own fast, powerful computers.

      A few surveys have been carried out by Shockwave 3D developers, whose viewers include non-gamers / general web surfers ( well, even this could be slightly skewed… Shockwave is on 2 out of every 3 computers, which is quite a vast number but not an inclusive one ).

      Interestingly enough, while 3D cards are now prevelant, a significant number of computers ( I think just under 10% ) still run without a 3D graphics card ( ie software only )!!! Out of the 90%, well over half probably don’t have a computer which has pixel or vertex shader capability ( including the fairly high powered laptops and computers we use at work in the CanDo offices for 3D projects ).

      So if you’re thinking of creating an all-encompasing card game, don’t be relying on the user having pixel shaders as it’ll greatly impact on your audience :) For hard-core games of course, you can assume that they have all the bells and whistles ( albiet it’s a smaller niche market )


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      I cannot help but notice that the German, as usual, beat us…

      It’s interesting to see the graphics card, too. I am so glad to see my babies at the top (9600 and 6600). It kinda reassures me that not everybody has top notch, 500$ worth gfx cards, as my geeky friends would have me believe.
      Same with the RAM, it’s nice to see not everybody can afford a gig or two… I suddendly feel less inadequate with my meager 512.

      The one stat that REALLY pisses me off is the Net speed.
      When 75% of the surveyed are English speaking, it becomes hardly relevant. It’s like asking the price of petrol in your country (well, maybe not right this minute, but a few months ago) … the number bias would make it seems like “everybody” pays cheap fuel for their cars. Rubbish.
      Well, unless all you care about is your American market, I suppose :?
      It would have been really interesting to see Net speeds for Americans compared to Non Americans.

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