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    It’s fierce where i live.. Meath coast..

    it’s blown my garage roof off :rolleyes:

    i wonder what the insurance company will say tomorrow morning LOL

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    The winter hasn’t been too kind to Belfast. A slate went flying off the roof a couple of weeks ago just as I was walking out the door. It may have landed fifteen foot from me but it was a near-death experience!

    Though perhaps one slate isn’t the same as an entire roof. That’s about as bad as it’s got for us!

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    I’ve always got wind, and it usually does more damage then blowing the garage roof off too!

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    Aphra K

    couldn’t walk down the street in Portrush yesterday wind was so strong..had to stay in and look out at the ten foot waves!


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    Coast of Donegal, Inishowen to be exact, wind nearly blew the barnacles off my……..

    Lets just say its been windy, arrr.

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    Barnacles grow mainly on stationary, inactive objects. Correct?


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