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      You know I bought Harvest Moon: Its a wonderful life in May and I played it once, I can’t for the life of me get into it.

      Animal Crossing on the otherhand = joy. By the time it comes out here I’ll have had it three years, its a bit special.

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      I also bought Harvest moon, played it for 8-9 hours and couldn’t get into it either, i dunno maybe its just too much of a simulation, i used to hate feeding and watering the crops. Is animal crossing good paddyo?…Import?

      do you get much import software, and if so where from?, ie suplier

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      I started importing on the snes, just a couple of games that were never due to come out here, Mega Man X and Super Street Fighter 2. Needless to say having having paid through the nose the game got PAL releases.

      Then my brother got me a US Cube at launch and I’ve imported since. Started with Goblin (they should be at http://www.goblindirect.com but that site seems to be down) they are overpriced slow and quite rude. Then I did some EBaying, there was a really good seller called Steve Fiocco from Canada who got me Animal Crossing in September 2001, he has since set up his own business Videogames Plus, thats a decent site, canadian, good prices, reliable, takes many forms of payment, a bit slow though, uses airmail.

      There’s also Import Madness, canadian again, decent prices, a bit slow (takes at least a week).

      These days I have a credit card, so I’m all about Tronix, american, scandalously cheap and stupidly fast (even on cheap delivery it’ll be here in 4 days).

      My latest order however is with Play-Asia and I’m getting Japanese Four Swords (it comes with Trackers), an Indigo Jap GBA Player (only territory with indigo player) and a Hori Pad (a snes pad for the gba player).

      Lik-Sang and Yes Asia are also recommended Eastern sources.

      If you are into or interested in import gaming and great gaming in general be sure to frequent:

      NTSC-UK you can get games through there, I haven’t but they have a great forum.

      RlLMUK, again a great forum, spawned from the downfall of the edge forum and my primary game source with a really good community of folk who love games. It is also affiliated with Lik-sang, yes/play asia and vg+.

      Hope that helps.

      (I’m triple l33t aren’t I :) )

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      Much appreciated Paddy O, cheers. the only thing is i’m still a student and don’t have access to a regular cash flow, but thanks for the info anyhow.

      I gather from your post that your a touch the “hardcore” gamer,
      what genre’s you into?.

      Oh and you luck git, four swords looks savage.

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      All the gamecube stuff started in the middle of second year, I funded all of this on a student scheme. The order I’m waiting for from asia wipes my bank so it’ll be time for a job. Maybe.

      I don’t mean to be hardcore but I’m serious about games and I love Nintendo, hoping four swords will make it here by Monday as I’m back in Dundee for a week for graduation and that’s the only place where I have people who will play it with me.

      The most hardcore thing in my collection is the ‘once played’ Steel Battalion sitting in a bin liner in the garage. What a waste of money.

      Here’s the Hori pad if you haven’t seen it, I can’t wait to get it:

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      Sounds good alright… your alot like me when it comes to games, I love Nintendo absoloutly. Just by chance do you have Ikaruga on the cube?, its a wicked game one that deserves to be bought.
      my most treasured games collection would have to be my Dreamcast though. I have 50 odd games for it, classics. Then it’s me GBA collection, loved Final Fantasy Tactics and the metroid games.

      I used to do alot of shopping on E-Bay, thats were i got me Saturn but these days i just couldn’t be arsed waiting to bid ect.
      well i’m finishing work now so off home to play some morrowind, cheers.

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