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      I am currently in my first year at NCI doing the Bsc in Computing. I love the programming and would say it’s my favorite part of the course. My question is will this course equip me with a good enough degree to pursue a good postgraduate degree and make it in the industry? When I allied for this course I did not think I would do better the 300 points in my Leaving Cert but I ended up with 375 (with anA1 in Maths Ord.) which made me eligible for the computer courses ant NUI, DCU and UCD. I was thinking of trying to transfer at to one of them for next year. I would not mind repeating the 1st year again.But would it be worth it to transfer or would the course I’m currently in be sufficient enough to make it the the industry or should I try to transfer? And if so where should I go? Any input will be appreciated.

      Thank You.

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      Can’t comment on the course, but its a BSc. so it should be good enough to follow onto ta postgrad. Remember that courses are only as good as you make them.

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      I agree with Omen. You get out what you put in.

      You need to build a portfolio. No studio will hire you on the basis of a piece of paper.

      Your very fortunate in that there’s lot of choice;
      Games Fleadh
      Imagine Cup
      Dare to be Digital

      you choose!

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      Aphra K

      Most postgraduate courses require a 2.1 degree in your undergraduate although in some circumstances a high 2.2 might be sufficient.

      So I would suggest you focus on getting a good overall degree and work on a portfolio unless there is an aspect of some other course: e.g. work experience/intra or practical work that you can’t get in your current course.



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