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      Hey all. Been lurking on these forums for a while and thought I’d share my current (and first) game development project with you all. Hopefully this is in the right section. If not then sorry mods :oops:.

      I’ve been working on my game Plazma Being (2d puzzle/platformer) for just over a year now, and apart from final beta testing/tweaking it’s pretty much done :D. Here’s a link to my indieDB page if you want to see more info about it.

      I’ve recently made a demo available on my site as well. Try it out if you want. I’d love to here what ye think of it.

      Some screens:

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      Jamie Mc

      Looks like fun, kinda a mix of lemmings and splosionman puzzle platformer.

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      hey thanks man :D

Viewing 2 reply threads
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