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      Hi all,

      Just a quick question to see if anyone has experienced issues with using a high precision timer method on multi-core system.

      The issues I have encountered include garbage data being returned (such as negative values, etc.).

      Work arounds that have been suggested (from online sources) include forcing the game/app to use a single core (set affinity to a single core), or using a low precision timer.

      By "high precision" I mean something similar to QueryPerformanceCounter().

      By "low precision" I mean timeGetTime().

      Any and all help is appreciated.

      Also, this problem is mainly evident on Vista, using Quad Core.


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      what are you doing with the timer? Initialisation on one thread\ core and then passing it all over the shop? Or using a mutex or something to read the value from another core?

      You really shouldnt be having issues with that timer. I’ve used them on dual cores and always was good fine. Just out of interest you are storing in a long right? :)

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