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    I hoped I’d never see the day where I made a Hoff topic..

    First he unified Germany, now he’s freeing the women of Iran.


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    He enthuses, “They’re sitting there oppressed. They can’t vote, can’t do anything!

    “Then they go, ‘This is the world! Why can’t I go out there.’ They pull back their burkas and they’ve got blonde hair.” [/quote:b77094afa2]

    His insightful political observations are a wonder to behold….

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    So, when is the invasion?[/quote:ec620d8cd7]
    Everyone knows that you just can’t invade a country without drawing up detailed plans on how to install an accepted government afterwards… Ahem.

    I’m sure details on the new Republic of Hoffistan will be made public shortly. :lol:

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