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      Hi All,

      As some of you know by now that GAME will be launching on 15th November, Science Gallery has invited GAME artists and devs, from those who are bringing outdoor tetris (Lummoblocks) to us to a interactive game on the big screen with frickin’ lasers by wallFour (I played that up in Derry, hilarious when played drunk ;-) ) and you might never know, you might get to share your house with someone from Project Holodeck, these guys are here for a few days in December.

      Here’s the official Homestay blurb

      Would you like to meet some of the world’s leading gamers and art practitioners and show them your side of Dublin?
      HOMESTAY is a project trialling in Science Gallery by Irish artist Fiona Hallinan. It is an experiment in hospitality, where Hallinan links up visiting international artists with Dublin ‘hosts’ who put them up for a few days while they work in the city.
      The idea is based on precedents such as Couchsurfing and AirBnB, with the added element of mediation by Hallinan, who hosts welcome dinner and events. Also the hosts are invited to learn more about the artists practice and in hosting them they support the art scene and Dublin’s cultural life generally!

      Right now we are looking for 15 Dublin hosts to put up artists arriving to take part in the exhibition GAME at Science Gallery, launching on November 15th. The artists will be here between November 11th and 20th, for an average of 4 nights.

      I’m interested! What do I have to do?
      All you need to sign up is to have a space where the artist can stay with relative privacy, live within 30 minutes commute to the Science Gallery and have wifi available. If these things are possible for you to provide, please email Fiona at memoriesmademanifest@gmail.com to find out more or go right ahead and fill out the HOMESTAY application form at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?pli=1&formkey=dF8yVG1qa3NyTVBYbE9VRW9LbmFKVFE6MA#gid=0

      Please share the project amongst your peers and anyone who you think would be a good host too!

      What’s in it for me?
      As well as the opportunity to meet some of the world’s most interesting art practitioners and gamers and show them your side of this humble little city of ours, you get to enjoy the knowledge that you are supporting art and creative connections in a real and practical way. You will also be invited to a special dinner party with other hosts and artists, getting to know yet more amazing creators both local and international. Check out images of the wonderful past HOMESTAY dinners on the project website: homestayproject.tumblr.com All that and a limited edition HOMESTAY bag with Lush soap, kindly provided by Lush Grafton Street.[/quote:661d94009e]

      /// Vicky

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