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    Hi all,

    was away for a while, due to problems with login passwords (I check the site on my home PC and at work, and use web mail at work, which means if I have a new password sent to my web mail, it gets forward to my mail client and deleted off the server – which is a long-winded way of saying I had to get a new password every time I wanted to post).

    It’s fixed now, due to the workaround posted in the ‘feedback’ forum.

    So, what did I miss? Did you miss me?


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    Good to have you back.

    So, what did you miss? Well, Idora ran off to the states to stalk H(o)FF, forcing a spurned Pete to go on a boozed fueled rampage around county donegal. He was last seen semi naked walking along a dual carriageway mumbling incoherently and humming the Knight rider theme tune over and over again.

    Oh, and we talked about some games too.

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    Sounds like business as usual at GD.ie.

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    Welcome back, Lewis!

    I’ve been missing in action myself recently now that I’m right in the middle of my exams. Hopefully our absence has been noticed! :)


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    oh, were you away for a while, Lewis?!

    <chortle, chortle>it’s true what they say – the old ones ARE the best

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    The real wit is in Tony of all people posting jokes about things that are old…


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    <chortle, chortle>[/quote:69ef7c606f]

    It’s like I’m reading the Beano, all we need now is a ‘guffaw’ ;)

    Welcome back Lewis! :)[/i]

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