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    Working being a very loose term of course. But it feels like a Sunday, the roads were empty, the bus was empty……it feels….wrong……to be in work today.

    Its a pain in the arse, am I the only one or what?

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    Aphra K

    I’ll be working for the morning and then heading off south in the afternoon…so you are not alone!!


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    We are all in here.

    If we want a bank \ public holiday we have to book it in advance.

    I booked monday off (cause I go see DJ Yoda on Sunday…er I mean for religious reasons…yeah)

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    Yoda! You seek Yoda!!

    You have to book your bank holidays off???? What is the reasoning behind that?

    Glad I’m not the only one anyway…..

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    Originally posted by Nooptical Its a pain in the arse, am I the only one or what? [/quote:db7013e821] you are not alone… there’s no need to be afraid

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    So holidays dont interfere with the games development. I sort of dont like this system anymore tbh. Rather have it as normal.

    Until this year we had the option of coming in 365 days a year…yes Xmas\New Year day if we desired.

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    I bet a lot of people “desired” that….. :p

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    <—- Is in work too. The wonders of deadlines eh?

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    At least your in work for a reason though. All of our clients are off today, and if they actually had sent us working builds of the products we could work on them. But they don’t work, so I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs….

    Come to think of it, that’s pretty much a normal day anyway……

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    I go see DJ Yoda on Sunday… [/quote:ba2be88c96]

    Where’s Yoda playing?

    True story: my last Friday night as a student in Dundee last May I had tickets to see Yoda play as part of the D&J end of year malarky at Dundee Union and he didn’t show up.

    Instead we had a guy called ‘Krafty Kuts’ :rolleyes: who was admittedly excellent. Dan Greenpeace did show up too. And the DJs all got Dominos pizza during the set and threw slices at the audience :eek:

    Memories eh, the set went on till 3:30am. It was mega awesome.

    Enjoy yourself.

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    I’m a bit skint :([/quote:0e70058aeb]

    Game developer in ‘bit skint’ shocker!!!1!!one!!!

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    Well, i work 3 feet away from my bed now, so I’m not sure sure if it counts :)


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    I’ve not been in work since monday :D

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    I was sacked for stealing office supplies last week :([/quote:345fd74bb2]

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    We thought Eidos was going under….what can i say….
    Taking the light fittings was just a little too far I guess.

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    Gah…I’m bored out of my tree here i work. There is nothing to do…..NOTHING!
    Hopefully we will be allowed to go early…….

    I’m so bored I am actually trying to relax myself with some online retail therapy, but I’m finding it hard to resist buying crap I don’t even need…….

    By the way, I have a mint condition Facial Sauna for sale if anyone wants it……erm, unwanted gift.

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    we are all here working away too today .. again

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    if you’re bored there’s always

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    I’ve been off for well over a week now. Still another week to go. Gotta love Easter! :)

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    yesterday was a killer friday…

    9.00am drove to Ennistimon from Drogheda … worked all afternoon filming a documentary .. finished 10.30pm and then drove home

    phew.. back at 3 this morning

    i was really glad the roads were quiet.. :D

    enjoying a couple of days off now :D

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