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      do you want to hear the results ?




      just me , my cello and a bunch of effects ..

      i’m nackered now LOL .. am enjoying a glass of Merlot in celebration. I’ve never written 3 tracks in a day before ..

      cheers .. and hope some of you like them

      … think Michael Nyman or Pat Metheny … then i add a cello LOL

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      Claire, your creativity is making me feel bad. All I did today was eat toast, recover from a hangover and drink tea. I need a kick up the arse to do something worthwhile (not to knock the whole tea making process)

      I am listening to the first track now, it is excellent…reminds me of whale songs (which I love).

      You should be charging us for these – Put them up on iTunes or something :)

      Thank you, enjoy the well deserved wine :)

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      LOL .. Ivan.. tea and toast is an art form in itself :D

      have to honor that ..

      i’m embarrassed to have had my head in ‘phones all day when there was a riot going on in dublin… i’m just watching the rte site realplayer downloads now.. scary.

      these’ll be on itunes soon enough… i’m going to write another load and make them into my 3rd album ..

      nice to share tho :D

      thanks for listening


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      Riots? Oh wow, I’m watching the reports now.

      I cant believe they let that loyalist march go ahead :( :(

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      absolutely .. should never have got past the planning stage..

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      Why do some people have to ruin a place that’s turning into a great European cosmopolitan city?

      This kind of attitude is partially why I don’t plan to live in Belfast after my degree. Now it’s why I won’t be moving to Dublin either. We’re all European and Christian after all. Let’s move on. That goes to Loyalists bringing up old news and to Republicans for their violence. Shame on them and well done to the Irish politicians for condoning the violence.

      Fitch – Nice work today. The third is very good! Keep us updated. Some of the effects add to the music, but one or two don’t quite fit in. Nice overall! :D

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      just listening to your tracks now. lovin them. very chilled out.

      what effects are you using. what did you use to record these tracks

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      ta ronny and beans_w.. glad you enjoyed listening

      technical questions now … :D

      i used an AudioTechnica AT40-33 mic through my RME fireface .. which goes straight into LogicPro

      the AT40-33 has a warmness which i love for the low to mid frequency of the cello ..

      effects.. they varied .. i recorded through CamelSpace to get an ear for what was going on ..

      but the track remains dry.. i just hear the effects to help.

      i then built up the arrangements.. and introduced the effects

      CamelSpace. Space Designer. Logic Delays. Spektral Delay. Soundhack Binaural (does wonderful Holophonic stuff) . Logic Channel EQ. Sonalksis Compressor :D

      and all the tracks went through a nice chain i’d built up for the master channel.. which included PSP mixsaturator to warm up that digital signal


      cook on a low flame :D

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      hey again.

      when your writing a track, do you plan before hand what type of effects you will use. sometimes when im writing i will apply an effect to an iinstrument, producing a good feel for the sound then i build from there.

      Is it sensible to know a lot about dsp. sometimes some effects mean nothing to me but experimentation until i get the right sound. also how important is using compression filters?



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      Excellent work as always!


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      hi beans_w

      i usually always know what effect i’m going to use .. it’s good to learn your arsenal :D then you know exactly where to look when thinking of a particular sound.

      or .. if someone wants a particular sound then you’ll always know how to create it .. with effects, synthesis or samples.

      compression.. i choose to use it most of the time , really to help with the dynamic balance of the tracks and to bring out the lines. if you don’t use it i think it’s very difficult to “separate” the sounds being used. mind you EQ is an important tool for this too .. (this might be what you’re thinking of when you mention compression filter ).. ?

      learn the effects by using them really is what i’m trying to say :D

      compression is a tool that can be used transparently .. as i think i did in these tracks .. or “artistically” when you want a different type of feel going on .. ie. more upfront and “loud” , or that Eric Pryz pumping thang. what ever you want you can mess with the sound.

      what i go for is the particular sound i hear in my head.. then go for an effect that will cater for it..

      with these tracks i was thinking along the ‘frippertronics’ type robert fripp sounds.. huge musical delays can be amazing, and i really wanted to try them out with the cello played through them

      another great plug to try is KTGranulator… i used to have it somewhere..because i used it on my last cd.., but i must have binned it by mistake. it was actually going to be my 1st choice, but ended up using camelspace and space designer instead …

      play with the plugs YA! .. but have a ear for what they are doing and a mind for how they are achieving it .. the internet is a great place to learn.. , plus there are loads of mags and books available …

      i have to say that .. as this month i’ve been featured in Computer Music :D .. the Online Special.. there’s a 4 page on a few of us that sell our albums online..and we give the lowdown on how much we’ve earnt LOL

      computer music .. fab mag ! sound on sound .. the daddy :D music tech .. fab again..


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      hi fitch.

      thanks for that. must pick up a copy of computer music. read sound on sound regularly. it is the daddy lol.

      have been messing around now with plugins for a while. recently got a full dvd with hundreds of vst plugins so loads of ammo there.

      ill be getting my own site up very soon so there will be tracks on that for you to get a listen.

      thanks again for the advice. must get to another shin dig sometime and we could have chat then.



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      As ever Claire your stuff is terrific, IMHO effects really offer nothing without the obvious creative musical talents you possess, however, that said; when combined with your technical understanding – oh yes, ‘ now there’s a mix few can genuinely master’. :oops:

      Your affinity with your instrument goes beyond being a mere musician, of your 3 pieces, cellospace2 edges it as my favorite soundscape of the 3.

      looking forward to the album – as I’m sure all your fans are.

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      beans_w :D i’ve sent you a PM .. and yes .. !!! next shindig .. we should meet up . it’ll be cool to talk shop … LOL

      the birthday one has to me coming up ..

      Clevercelt :D cool ! ta for listening Michael. How you doing :D hope all is well

      thankyou for your kind words :oops:

      the technical stuff.. yep .. i think we never stop learning there.. :D in the first few years i learnt (and am still learning) about synthesis and midi writing .. more recently .. in the last couple of years it’s been mixing skills that have really been an amazing learning curve for me .. the effects are an incredible tool .. and fun to learn too.. a totally new art form

      although i’m mentioning another album .. this is just another spoke to the current wheel really (and has only come about since writing these 3 tracks.) .. because you know what i’m trying to finish right now as well :wink: … it will be really , really cool !..

      we never stop writing .. that’s the key isn’t it .. as long as the inspiration is there we keep up the creativity :D

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      Michael .. that tag line .. .. LOL

      i just read it .. and thought .. mmmm .. time for a glass of wine LOL

      talk about easily led :lol:


      i’ve still got half a bottle left over from last night .. LOL

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