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    if i know any female coders.. ?

    any of you know anyone .. drop me a line if you do, there might be a nice opportunity coming up :D

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    Not an equal opportunity then? ;)

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    Nifty had a chick with him at the last shindig who was into coding, you might want to drop him a line.

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    A personnaly invloved oppertunity ?? ;)

    heh heh hehhh

    Yes, i know a female coder, shes a teacher at the college im currenly studying at, so if the oppertunity was a job, then i guess shes already has one :P


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    Well, there is one girl doing the PGDip in Games Dev with me here in LYIT.

    Then again, I wouldn’t venture to judge her level as I am just meeting her, and my experience is that most students here are pretty clueless at programming even when they each a BSc. IMHO.

    I suppose you can PM if you feel like it.


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    LOL .. equal opportunities .. yes, sorry..

    but it’s not even something i’m involved in yet.. was just asked if i knew of anyone..

    sorry guys… you could get the long blonde wigs out.. they might never notice :D

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    Much as I’d like the work I’m not waxing for anyone…..

    I’ll pass on the word to the girls at college

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