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    Can anybody please help me.My school is doing work experience next month and i need to find somewhere i could gain some experience in the game industry. I cant seem to find much info on any gaming companies besides Havok but they turned me down when i asked them. If you could help me find work experience in 3d animation or programming it would be much appreciated.

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    Not the be the bringer of bad news but its going to be very difficult to find work experience jobs of this nature in Ireland. They are few and far between, the only thing I can suggest is to send some emails to the various companies, many of which are listed on this website under Community – Companies Directory


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    i was trying to get work placement last year ( to workl for at least 6 month) but i failed in getting a “game” related job.

    but with my many emails one company said that you would take on students for a week or 2 unpaid… that was no good for me but i think thats what you after…

    now the thing is i can’t remember with company it was….but first thought to my head says Meedja

    i have been looking thought my old email (from about a year ago) but i can’t find it

    word of warning just because you send an email don’t expect a reply only about 3/10 of my emails got replies….but i found that game companies the ratio was a lot higher….. you guys are great….group hug ;)

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    Are you at university and looking for a year of experince or a week through school? An ongoing placement at Microsoft Dublin as a tester for XBox was advertised on our (Queens Belfast) website as a year of practice just recently.

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    Thanks for the replies . I’m gonna keep looking though and sending out emails.
    It really is one of the hardest areas to find work experience.

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