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    Aphra K

    Hi all,

    well the IGDA interim committee is meeting this week to discuss future events…if you have ideas etc. I am sure we would be glad to hear them..also if you know of people who are visiting for other purposes who might be good for a talk/workshop etc. please let us know..



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    Well we’d be more than happy to invite you all up to Donegal for a meeting even if it were to be unassociated with the IGDA.

    Tony and Dave have been here before and they seemed to have had a good time… although they are very polite young men so… pinches of salt perhaps?

    Anyway I think a surfing weekend with a few people from Dublin (Tony, Havok boys etc..) is on the cards sometime soon as well.

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    some of the ideas for future events that have been tabled so far include:

    – Graham Devine, past chair of the IGDA

    – two of the Valve guys who will be in Dublin in Q1 ’04 to oversee the localisation of HL2 with Vivendi-Universal

    – a roundtable on starting a game dev company in Ireland, and the support available

    – some sort of mobile development showcase

    – events outside of Dublin

    – an irish game developers conference at point in the future, starting modestly and possibly growing from there

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    (Love the new sig Tony)

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    Aphra, not sur how viable this idea is, but London games week and the new Edinburgh games festival might be prime times to “poach” some speakers to come over here for a day during the events, especally for some round table discussions. London games week especially seems to be attracting more and more dev sudios, and from what I’ve heard, the first Edinburgh festival was a big success last August.
    What do people think?

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    Something I would really like to see the igda doing is getting people with various skill sets providing half day workshops on the game design process, or assoicated technical areas.
    For it would be great if someone with detailed physics knowledge gave a workshop/talk on physics engines, starting at an intermediate level and explaining advanced techniques.

    It can be tough, short of going to large game development conferences, to learn what the current industry standard/best practice is for developing particular pieces of a game. Classes from Irish developers, illustrating the techniques they use, and sharing thier knowledge would be extremely useful.

    One particular motivating factor for this would be the large number of students in ireland studying technical courses (ie, computer science) who grave information on game specific programming techniques (ie, fast 3d engine code etc) but to whom this sort of information is not provided through their university course that has a non games focus.

    I would also imagine that such classes would be useful for the Irish game developer community in general, as a culture of knowledge sharing should further everyones development process.

    Examples of talks could include:

    How a real games company development process works.
    Do graphics engines need to consider culling seriously anymore?
    Applying theoretical AI techniques to real game engines.
    Using 3ds max to generate bump maps efficiently.

    etc etc. (just seeking to clarify the idea)

    We do have some talented individuals with well developed skill sets.

    If some of the leaders in their various fields could be presuaded to given open talks on these subjects, then I think such events would be a worthy cause for the Irish Igda.

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    There are a couple of hotels around Dublin that can be gotten reasonably cheaply for a day long conference. We could have 3-4 speakers, each on a different aspect of games development, and possibly stands from any of the interested colleges / game developers around Ireland. Cost should come in at about eur5 a head, plus maybe a small contribution from the attending colleges / companies.


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    hi guys,

    we were only discussing such ideas last week, so it’s good to see the demand is there.

    I’ll post more during the week on this and many of the other topics we were discussing for your feedback and input – but generally speaking, we hope to take up your idea of workshops in one form or other and run a couple later in the year (May/June – Dec)

    Cheers for the input. Keep the ideas going

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    Aphra K

    the IDA are actively working on this already…


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    As Aphra has mentioned, the IDA are working on this, fairly actively as far as I can see – with at least two trips to Japan and several to the US to talk to publishers & developers

    IGDA Ireland are in fairly frequent contact with both EI and IDA, and contribute to the IDA’s internal policy document – which is used by them to market Ireland to the industry

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    Following from Ivory Tower colum on Igda:

    How can we breach the “Risk free” attitude currently adopted
    by Game developers?

    Can the Academia innovate/fill the gap in this area?

    Can we approach new game ideas and convince business people they are feasible?

    Just a few to keep in mind…


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    we’ll be discussing this more fully at next month’s meeting – but we’re hoping to put something together for the Edinburgh International Games Festival this year in August.

    Don’t have much of an idea what exactly yet (anything from a leaflet to a showcase booth), but basically just something to forge a stronger link with the Scottish development community (there are SO many Irish folks working there, it’s not funny) and let them know both the IGDA and an indigenous development community now exist in Ireland

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    been away for a while..

    So whens the next shindig? is the cork idea still hovering about or is it somewhere else.. since the derry thing is put off till october?

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    hi peter_b,

    The Derry event is turning into quite a big deal – both in terms of possible scope and impact – so I’m not sure how it will affect the rest of the year’s calendar of events, whether in Dublin or elsewhere, as yet

    we haven’t discussed the Cork idea (or any other events) since the Derry postponement. We’re meeting this Friday to discuss and I’ll report back here once we have

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    nice one,

    Should make the derry thing anyway. havent been at any of other events yet, due to geography and work etc. 1 day event really turns into a 2 day for me..

    cool keep us up to date.

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