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    Has there been any further movements towards IGDA Elections?

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    we haven’t talked about them yet, never mind setting dates!

    It’ll be in the agenda early next year (next two meetings already have plenty to talk about)… but will also depend on which of the formalisation strategies we opt for. There’s a lot of discussion taking place on this in the wider IGDA chapter co-ordinators community and a number of different options being weighed up

    Personally (and this is very much a personal opinion) while I wholeheartedly agree with many (if not all) of the points Mal made in his original post on this topic, I’m still having difficulty seeing how it will be handled practically given the small size of the community here. Apart from such issues as who can vote, etc. there’s also just not that many industry people to draw on, let alone those willing to take on the job… So it could possibly become a case of ‘great idea, yep – let’s have some of that.. but not just yet’.

    But as I said hasn’t really been discussed at all yet, so keep the thoughts and opinions coming

    But my biggest concern with it is this –
    personally I simply have no desire whatsoever to be a politician, which is effectively what is being suggested. The Irish chapter already takes up a huge amount of my free time outside of work and the beauracracy of elections, etc. would just make it untenable for me. (I know from chatting with two of the other commitee members that they feel the same way.) Not that any of the above should necessarily count against having some kind of elections… but it might become a bigger issue

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    I can imagine it is a daunting task, I for one wouldn’t be up for it. I cause problems rather than solve them.

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    Plus you wouldn’t be in the country to attend any of the meetings!

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