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    Aphra K

    The IGDA Ireland eurographics session is tomorrow afternoon from 2pm.

    Peter Lynch from Eirplay and Chris Gregan from Torc are speaking first and then I am chairing a panel on ‘graphics V gameplay – why we play games’. Panellists include Ian Hannigan – Nephin games, Tony Kelly – Torc, Michael McNeill – University of Ulster and Hamish Carr – UCD.

    Since I am chairing the panel I get to ask them Qs. If you can’t attend and want to submit a Q please do so here. If you are attending, please have a Q ready.

    see some of you tomorrow..

    see others later on in O’Neills..


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    Do you think established, successful companies such as ID and Epic have raised the graphics barr so high, that they have, in fact, doomed (no pun intended) alot of smaller developers who may be floundering at the advent of a new generation in gaming?



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    …but yes if you are trying to do exactly what they have already achieved.

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    How many games after Doom and HL2 have had the same quality graphics…not many. How many games have had better game-play…lots.
    Also, seeing as I haven’t even bothered to getting either game yet, i don’t see the big deal.

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    i phoned tony earlier.. my ticket should be available .. :(

    just been booked to play cello for the new Poirot series.. can’t turn it down, it’s the whole series..

    aghhh.. tough decision that.. hope it turns into a great day and evening

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    Give a bell if you are free later on in the evening, or will you be abroad?


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    [off topic]

    new Poirot series? i love poirot!
    you play cello?
    how is that a hard choice? go play cello for poirot!

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    New Poirot series: Good Good, now all we need do is resurrect the legend that was Jeremy Brett and we can get on with a new Sherlock Holmes series too.

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    i’m a cellist as well as a composer.. so i get to record lots of film/cd/tv sessions too… this is playing material another composer has written and will end up being used in the whole new series..

    i’ve not heard from tony yet.. i’m sure there must be a way for someone else to use the entrance … i’ve not even registered yet..

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    Aphra K

    ring him on his mobile…he is already in Dublin at meetings…

    if you don’t have the number PM me..I’ll check my mail in the morning before I head into town.


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    Aphra K

    by the way thanks MooTV for the Q..I’ll add it to the list..


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    Does the panel see an end to the graphics race? Where, if at all will it end? 1GB, 2GB Graphics Cards? How much will be enough?

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