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      Hi All,

      I posted this under general discussion, but thought I would post here too since it seems to be a slightly more active thread. We are members of the IGDA and our studio has been pretty active in both Silicon Valley and Pittsburgh. I am going to be in Dublin for a few days in June and I would love to meet up casually with some local independent game developers in the area.

      We have just launched a new platform for indie developers – Wild Pockets – I am happy to tell people more about this platform but mostly I’m hoping just to connect casually and hear what is going on in the Irish game development communities.

      You can check out more on our site http://www.wildpockets.com – it is a very newly launched, free 3D browser-based game engine with built in web-distribution, and a soon to launch transaction system to build in micro-transactions and payments.

      We have also been sourcing new game content for the platform (a major release of the transaction system/distribution network is scheduled for this fall) – so if you have original IP or ideas that you want to throw around that would be great too!

      Please reach out if you would be interested in a gathering of some kind (and if you have some good recommendations!) Monday June 15th, Sunday June 21 or Mon June 22 are the days I will be in town. A Monday after 6pm meeting was recommended – so maybe we should aim for that.


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      Sunday/Monday arent usually the best days, any other options? If not, I’m sure we could round up some heads for at least one of those dates. Are you around on business or play?


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      Aphra K

      Hey guys…I am sure we can pass on the word to some people at the shindig event tonight where there are going to be a few indie developers.


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      I’d be happy to meet up some oe of those workload permitting. If you want to PM with your contact details I’ll pas son my own to you.


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      Thanks for the quick replies – this is my first trip to the area (work & play) – so if you have a recommendation for where a good spot is that would be great! I am very flexible at the moment and evening time works well.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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