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      thought some of you might be interested in this – a networking/ snowboarding event being organised by the IGDA in the UK. The London Chapter forum can be found here: http://www.igda.org/Forums/forumdisplay.php?forumid=18


      Welcome aboard the IGDA-UK SnowTrain!

      *** The premier networking event of 2005 for UK game developers ***

      In the early hours of Saturday the 8th of January 2005, thirty cool game developers will be getting aboard the Eurostar train at Waterloo International Terminus (London) for a 9 hour journey to Moutiers in the even cooler French alps.

      With plenty of socialising opportunties to get to know each other, as the picturesque French coutryside whizzes by, you’ll realise that the journey is as important as the destination. Upon arrival at the glorious winter resort of Val d’Isere, you will be allocated into your accommodation – a dedicated 30 person catered chalet hosted by Crystal.

      During the daytime however, snowboarding is de rigeur. This time it’s not a simulation, you’ll be risking injury to limbs and liver alike. Whether learning or mastering, hucking or carving, you’ll certainly build up an appetite for the afternoon high tea and three course meals with free wine each evening.

      The return trip provides an opportunity for recovery and reflection on the previous week, as you look forward to another year in the slightly less extreme ups and downs of the UK games indsutry.

      Price: 375 UKP. (345 for IGDA members) Tuition & equipment rental extra.

      * * *


      Yup, you guessed it. At the moment this is just an idea. An IGDA affiliated event, perhaps a mega-chapter meet for the British Isles, but at the moment just a pipe dream.

      The question is: would we fill a 30 person chalet?

      Are enough people interested?

      Bounce the idea around.

      A social/networking event where game devs have a chance to express some degree of community/solidarity, meet up with ex-colleagues, generally have fun, wind down, remember it’s all just a game, and keep fit.

      The emphasis in on encouraging social interaction and shared adventure – a bit like an assessment centre for the games industry. Thus the use of a train for travel rather than aircraft, and the use of a chalet with communal meals rather than an impersonal hotel, in general encouraging cohesion rather than diffusion.

      It’s a chance to have a wrap party if you’re unlucky enough not to be in a well heeled game dev co. A chance to get on the snow if you wouldn’t be going otherwise.

      No sponsorship is expected, but you never know, if this event is repeated and builds in popularity, it could happen.

      I’ve bounced the idea off of Jason. He seems to be ok with this as a multi-chapter organised event. At this stage we just need to determine whether this is a lead balloon, or not.

      Participating Chapters

      I’ve figured that all English speaking chapters whose membership may be inclined to travel to London for such a trip should be invited, i.e. all those in the British Isles.

      Perhaps this would be most appropriately discussed in the London chapter forum?
      Please feel free to include people I may have missed.


      Crosbie Fitch
      Brighton IGDA Chapter Co-ordinator

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      Sounds good, bar being very close to christmas, I’d imagine there would be several takers from Ireland.

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      especially if OktoberStorc doesn’t take off!!
      (no Duncanism intended)

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      sounds good.. alway wanted to do that.. sorry didnt do it last time i was in chamonix

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