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    Hrm, well on one hand I can’t really agree with the fact that they have taken this course of action with the specific goal of avoiding the authorities in the country that its banned in mind. “We’re just glad that at last responsible kids and irresponsible adults”, that comment especially was quite insulting as it makes the rest of the industry look bad and also ignorant in the eyes of the law. They’re basically the Jack Thompson of the video game industry and are only fueling those types of peoples desire for proper bans on all violent video games.

    However on the other hand, in my opinion anyway, the game shouldnt have been banned in the first place. Ratings are there for a reason and like violent/graphic movies there are appropriate ratings for such titles that should be treated equally in the eyes of the law i.e legally binding in all countries.

    Oh yea, its shit anyway so people shouldnt bother regardless.

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    Im not going to pretend that im insulted by the designers, becuase im not in the industry myself. But i can see where u guys are comnig from.

    I guess its a lot easier to hate them for this, if it was a horrly shite game like Manhunt or that bloody GAA game. But i really enjoyed playing the game, and id consider buying the expansion.

    Its wreckless, ill admit. But i dont see the difference between doing that, and releaseing games like “187 Ride or Die”, “Bulletproof” or any other one of those “street” related games, that are cashing in on kids love of gang violence (ie, tryin to emulate San Andy).

    At least u know that kids dont have credit cards to buy them online.

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    In fairness, until there is some sort of regulated online distribution network, every decent contentious game will do this. First and fore-most, this is a money business after all. Sure, ethically maybe its wrong, but ethically, the game shouldn’t really have been publicly banned the way it was. Doing so only raised public opinion of it. This is historically true with movies and games.
    My only gripe would the publishers / developers would be that they made the game that it is.

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