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    Burning the late night candle, here are pre-release poster give-aways :)

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    Sweet lookin posters mate esp the Terra Formations one, the portrait format really works.

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    Aye. Very solid looking.

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    Looking Sweet

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    Looking good.

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    Very nice!!

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    top one is very reminscent of the some of the Killzone marketing, but both are pretty nice

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    Look schweet lads!

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    Indeed both are looking really good but gota say that the Terra one is looking super sweet guys! :D

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    Darkblood –

    What about getting some A0 or A1 posters printed, have them as competition prizes either here on this site, or on your own.

    That Terra poster is fantastic.

    I’m sure the guys at Standard Printers, Ballybrit could sort you out no problem…

    if thats not the ultimate “Come work for Star Cave Studios” recruitment poster, I don’t know what is…

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    :shock: ooooooh. nice.

    I am really really trying hard to find something bad to say, but to no avail.
    Ah yes, maybe the fact that one of your guys on the top poster seems to have an eye missing? Looks weird somehow.
    Love the lighting and composition. The colours are good (the green shadows contrast nicely with the bright red lines and eyes). Nice work.

    I suppose you could have chosen a more “orangy” shade of red (rather than a purplish shade) for your second poster, given how the greens are already going towards the blueish side of green. But really, that’s just to be nitpicking.
    The stance is solid. And the lighting reinforces it, which is a really nice touch.

    Yay :D

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    Looks great! :shock:

    what is:

    RE ;P For Real[/quote:69526f646b]

    the top 1 reminds me a bit like the helmet enemies in the Torc Dreddnought with the glowing eyes

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    RE = Reality Engine

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