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    ….graphics on the Nokia N93

    Click ‘trailer’


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    yeah, it looks great. The N93 is an impressive device.
    It apparently even has a TV out for playing games, watching your videos and browsing the web if you like.

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    very cooll..

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    Nice observation of Wing Chun and capoeira moves…but i didn’t think the 3D was all that impressive

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    Its a phone though…and Nokia at that ;)

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    8) Nice :D very cool

    like that!

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    The developer is based in Barcelona….excellent!!

    *ivan makes mental note for the future*

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    My god, that looked as bad as MXO on PC, but on a mobile… That’s highly impressive!

    It’s happening… my beloved PSP is beginning to get outperformed by mobile platforms. I predicted it, feared it… um… forgot about it, but now it’s happened – ing. happening. This looks kind of unusual, it’s like the fear engine using incredibly low res maps.

    There’s a surface sheen on the characters that looks like the PlastiPeople of the Doom 3 engine and it’s ilk. On. A. Mobile. Certainly highly impressive.

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