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      Hi, Im currently heading a team of four independent game developers based in Ireland, creating a 3D RPG, Djinn Tales. At the moment the team Consists of My Friend Corey and I in lore, world building and 3D modelling, our friend Kenneth as our Programmer and our friend Darren in writing the main story.

      We are hoping to get a demo/prototype done before the end of the year, and we need the help of artists, we are currently looking for:

      -Organic/Character Modellers
      -Texturers for buildings
      -Artists in General

      It would help greatly if you had a knowledge of Unity, for this is our current platform.

      We are making the game as a collective effort, and everyone is helping spending the money with their own back pocket. We have made a Game Bible, and will make it available for anyone interested. We dont have alot of money, and if we can, we can try and pay for services, if they are reasonable.

      You can PM me, or contact me and snorthridge@gmail.com .
      I also have MSN and Skype.

      Hope to hear from someone soon! :D


      Thought I might just post the game bible here,


      So that people can review it, see what they think.

      We are also located at https://www.facebook.com/DjinnTales


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