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      Aphra K

      I see Indian gme developers have set up a similar web based presence to ourselves…you can’t get much info though until you sign up..

      see http://www.indiagamedevguild.org/


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      Signed up and there’s not much info to be had at all! A message saying “we will contact you when the guild opens”

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      My own personal experience with them is “Stay the HELL AWAY”

      The Quality of their content is poor, their understanding is poor, their ability to deliever ontime is only due to shabby content, corners cut and not following set guide-lines.

      I would also have to say the same about these new outsource houses forming in China, while I have only had one developer from China, his quality was really poor for what I was paying. I paid for a diffuse, normal and spec maps. What he quoted me was a competitive price but at the end of the day he realised he was in too deep and when he was going over time, rushed to finish the Normal Map, and threw together a quick fill texture that took all of 5 minutes.

      Now I would go on about the 3 Indian Dev groups I have been involved with, but I would have to bring out the beating stick. Lets just say I would have been better off sticking the $1500 up my ass and expecting models to be produced.

      Too top it all off contracts mean nothing to them. While I know the industry is moving in the direction of outsourcing, it needs to move to reliable developers, not 2 bit cowboys who under-bid to secure contracts and then dont produce.

      In their defence I have also been in contact with some well established developers, who have taken contracts out with me. Taken one look at our content and withdrawn. Some have refunded me while another called my bluff, kept the money and told me to go stick the contract. KNowing that I could not financially pursue legal action. In these cases nothing better than naming and shaming, and sending the development contrac to their current employer… Those non compete agreements are great.

      Stick with Vancouver, Brisbane, La, San Fran and gamedev hotspots the talent is always in the same area as the main games jobs.

      Thats my 2cents 3000 dollars worth. Just a tad bitter about these newly formed outsource houses and how they are putting the market at risk…. Oh and bloody persistent spamming makes HR duties a bitch.

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