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      Aphra K

      At the last meet in Temple Bar in March it was suggested that the next meeting might be a design crit where companies who are in the early stages or want feedback on design would gather.

      We had at least two companies at the meeting who had games which they felt would benefit from some feedback.

      There won’t be NDAs but participants agree to keep things in the room and to provide constructive feedback and if you have a game critiqued…you also agree to come back and help at least one other company.

      We also suggested we might meet down at the new games space.

      So we need to find out

      1) does the new Games Space have a suitable room? Mark says there is one we can book.
      2) Dates? Times?

      I know GDC is coming up and then Easter so I think we are looking at mid April at this stage.


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      Jamie Mc


      We have a breakout room in our office I’m sure I could get permission for them to use. Might also be able to get some of our senior staff who have worked across the industry (ie ubisoft, ncsoft and lots more) to offer some advice too.

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      Aphra K

      Thanks Jamie

      it would be great to have some experience in the room too…

      Would it be suitable to bring in some laptops or other devices

      what do people think about this co-location idea…


      Another view…


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