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      Anyone any particular insight to offer on this? Perhaps who the mentors are? Perhaps Omen should be invited to this group for some dare specific advice

      Dear Daring person

      This is to confirm that we are looking forward to having you join us this summer. We kick off for 10 weeks of hard work on Monday June 12th (until Friday August 18th) at the University of Abertay. We have some fabulous industry support lined up for you- more details at your induction on Monday 12th June. I know that my colleagues Jane, Sarah and Alison have all been in touch with you over individual arrangements. This is to confirm that we need you to be ready to start at 11.30am on Monday 12th June across in our Student Centre, Bell Street, Dundee. We will be in reception to direct you from there.See this link for a view of what it looks like- http://www.abertay.ac.uk/About/SCentre/Index.cfm?Key=004.006

      Induction Day:

      11.30- arrive and registration. DO NOT BE LATE.
      12 noon-1pm- making a big collective noise and having some team building fun
      1pm- 1.30pm- snack lunch provided
      1.30- 3pm- the facts you need to know for Dare

      It is very unlikely that you will get much work done on the first day- you will get to your labs late that pm and check out your machines. You need to provide Alison (a.robertson@abertay.ac.uk) with your bank forms if you want to be paid promptly! (All international students will be paid cash each week from our finance office). You need only bring personal items (clothing/books/ towels) with you.All students are being provided with a single room in Victoria Chambers- which is a 2 minute walk from the University- see this link- http://www.abertay.ac.uk/About/Acc/Locations.cfm?Key=004.014.001 Again, please return your accommodation form to Alison.

      On the induction day you will meet your industry mentors- these guys will be in on a regular basis to support you. You will be provided with a synopsis of their careers/experience etc in your induction packs.

      Fraser McLean and Ken Fee- art mentors
      Mark Grindle- scriptwriting mentor
      Grant Clarke and Michael Frayn- programming mentors
      Sean Kerwin- audio mentor

      In addition there weekly masterclasses and visits by industry.All will be revealed on Monday June 12th.

      with best wishes for now

      Jackie and the Dare team[/quote:5035e635ca]

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      I’m reliably informed that the mentors are industry pros, rest assured.

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      I’m reliably informed that the mentors are industry pros, rest assured.[/quote:d980da96e2]ditto – that’s about all I know. Have heard of Fraser McLean, I think, though. You could always check them out on Moby Games!

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