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    Strange! ???! It posted that 3 times :)

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    Dont see how GTA:SA would have worked with a “white hood” ;). For starters they wouldnt have as many movies, rap music\rappers etc to draw inspiration from. Also wasent CJ’s friend hispanic, the guy who was dating his sister (Cesar Vialpando’s ). So that kind of ruins the theory of less hispanic in games.

    But i guess sterotypes are what people relate too because of the media, i.e. majority of irish people, on tv shows from abroad have a darby o gill irish accent, because thats what people in the states etc think when they think irish.

    As colin murphy the comedian said once ” he went for an acting screen test for a uvf member for the movie of the general , “ordinary decent criminal” staring kevin spacey etc and the casting director told him his northern accent wasnt believable to people in the states. Murphy born and bread in Belfast. so you cant win.

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    I don’t think one hispanic character in San Andreas dismisses the theory of less hispanics in games. I saw that article as a positive step in making gamers/gamemakers to avoid racial stereotyping and that their audience is a global one. It’s funny how is hard to think of gaming main characters who aren’t white, straight and for the most part male.

    As for irish accents in movies, it isn’t really on topic, but the more we make ourselves, the more the world will be used to it. And that applies to everything.

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    That’s true, but I think Urban Chaos way back was a bigger step of diversifying. I think the point of the article is mainly that if people of any other origin appear in a game, they are stereotyped 99% of the time. And that this is because of the lack of diversity of the game dev community.

    It’s hardly as noticeable in Japanese games unless of course we’re talking about Japanese stereotyping and mainland European games.

    But as for San Andreas I don’t take issue to it because it is done both tongue in cheek and these are the characters in a story that pays homage to types of media.

    All in all I don’t think that the article is shouting “Racism” at the gaming communities, its more constructive criticism that we’ve room to grow.

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