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      Im new here @ Gamedevelopers.ie, This is my first post and I would like to say hello to all the members etc. Im currently living in kilkenny Ireland and Im wondering if anybody here on this site is sitting or going to be sitting this course in Carlow IT in BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (Honours) IN COMPUTER GAMES DEVELOPMENT [ CW131 ] http://www.itcarlow.ie/courses/comp/courses_comp_cw131.htm

      I will be going back as a mature student and hope to attain a place next september through interview, but I just have one or two questions to ask if anyone can help.

      **- Is there anyone here or know of attending this course?

      **- If you happen to be attending this course what are your thoughts on the course`s outline and learning factor?

      **- Does the above course provide at least entry level to a job once completed? hopefully here in Ireland and after more experience maybe move on?

      Thanks for your interest and replies :)

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      hey, welcome to the site.

      There should be a few people knocking about here who are on this course. At least there was a while back.

      I cant really answer either of your questions unfortunately although i can make a stab at the “will it get you a job question”. I would be a little wearly of these courses as alot of them are in their infancy therefore they’re worth is still to be shown. Although some of them seem to have good cirriculums. Typically people working within the industry have degrees in computer\maths\engineering. Also a recent study should that last year out of 50 graduates EA took on only 1 from a games specific degree course, although this probably doesnt tell us much.

      Anyway im sure some the lads can help ya on here.

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      Aphra K

      The course has been going since Sept 2004 and we ran a feature on it just before that – see http://www.gamedevelopers.ie/features/viewfeature.php?article=100

      hard to tell re levels of skills etc. as the first cohort are only in third year but I am sure they will give some feedback as to how it is going so far. there are a few people on the boards from there although this is only the first week back at college for most students so give them a week or two to get going.


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      Thanks Guys for your help regarding my questions, I didnt know that the course only started in 2004… I will be looking forward to hearing what the other guys say that are doing the course aswell.

      Thanks once again for your help guys :)

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