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      Hey folks.

      I’ve been on this forum for quite some time now and hear of some successful stories on launched titles. I’ve seen great stuff from popcap, open emotion studios and dark water studios which is great..

      I mostly see people here developing titles on unity, XNA etc. For someone who works extensively in the Unreal Engine what do you think of the outcome of a potential indie game being launched via this platform?

      It is in my experience that it is relatively easy to get started on Unreal Engine development since they have a free, powerful and simple to use editor. I have worked on several independent (remote) titles and it seems a great way to go! There have been many successful independent games launched using the unreal engine such as killing floor, the ball and more recently Q.U.B.E which I helped work on.

      My proposition is to do a independent styled game targeted at either of the following

      :- PC platform with the distribution of steam. Because UE3 supports mac porting it is quite simple to release on the mac app store and steam mac section as well.

      :- iOS platform, very rapid growing market. I’m working freelance on a mobile project at the moment and I have to say that with the way technology is going this is a great platform to develop for. iOS games are distributed easily through the app store and can be played on iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. As a matter Infact, iOS is the number one handheld gaming platform according to recent statistics.

      My plan would be to work in a small environment similar to say open emotion studios as an example and do a development sprint of 2-6 months depending on the type of game.

      The ideal development team would consist of, but not restricted to one programmer, tech artist, lead artist and sound engineer. If people where interested and would like to take a big leap feel free to post below!

      If anyone has their views on this please share as its definitely a market that no one has touched in terms of Irish development, to the best of my knowledge anyway.

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      Cool, thanks for the tips!

      In the project I work on which is a full Unreal game we have just the one programmer and it seems to work quite well although when it comes to doing things likes UI it may be better to outsource.

      The kind of game I’m looking for doing is definitely 3D based and looking at some of the current favorites that is going viral the past year or two. Something like survival wave type games or tower defence games. Obviously I’m a technical art guy so when it comes to game ideas and design I completely suck..

      Thanks for your thoughts though!

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      Check out "Hawken", stunning looking game made by a core team of 9 using Unreal with all the polish of an AAA title.


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