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    Thanks for that Mal. I know a couple of friends who will be very interested by this.

    If you happen to buy a copy yourself you couldn’t lend it to me could you? ;)

    Thanks again, I know someone really interested in starting up over in England.

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    It’s a really good read. Some of the material is specific to US law, but mostly it’s a very good primer for what kinds of things you need to think about up front when starting a company, or getting into contract discussions with a publisher. It should be required reading for anyone looking to start a company.

    As the author says at one point early on, it’s not going relieve you of the need to get a lawyer, but it will let you talk intelligently to the one you do get… which will save you money and get you better results.

    I have a bunch of books that I’ve purchased and read in the last year, I’ll try to get a list of em up, with some Amazon links.

    Take care,


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    This is the one we used in our Game Business class, its very good but does seem very similar to the one previously mentioned… just thought I’d add to the list though.

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