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    Trizeal – New Dreamcast Shooter and SOS message from developers to all Shmup fans!

    On their company website, an “SOS message” was posted in both Japanese and English last week, which in a surprising and, somewhat insane manner (save us from the Spanish bulls??), explains the trouble they are in. Releasing their first shooter, XII Stag, they ran out of money and were faced with a tough choice. The founder and several other like-minded “samurais” decided to go into debt to ensure their game was finished and “came into the world”. This group however, make no attempts to hide the fact both XII Stag and their latest title, Trizeal have developed poor revenue streams in arcades, and one can only assume pre-orders for the DC release ain’t exactly rolling in either. In fact just recently their website was suspended, with a message from the hosting company asking them to contact the billing department. [/quote:381b32c2af]

    the sos message from there website

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    now sega direct are linking to the SOS page (jap version), its the red writting on the 2nd link


    it seem to be working, people are saying they are going to pre-order it!

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    did it work? well its number 2 in the preorder chart at lik-sang! beating zelda, FF12, DMC 3, tekken 5 etc

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    ok just to finish off the story if anyone was reading this topic

    in its first week Trizeal sold
    2000 copies in japan

    This 2000 figure is actually greater than a recent PSP release, Harukanaru Toki no Naka De.[/quote:a63b997403]

    and the guys at Triangle Service (the developers) seem really happy


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