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    Firstly thank you so so much Alanna for setting this up :)
    It is great for us to have a forum for discussions, especially on such an awesome website.
    Now on to business:
    Quite straightforward really, this is a thread for introducing yourself, so we know a little bit about each other and new users can post here first.

    My name is Liam, I am a 3rd year Electronic and Computer Engineer at NUIG. Together with Sam and Ruairi, I have kicked off this group and soon a games development workshop as a NUIG Explore project.
    My interest in gaming is both design and development, especially the little details which make games fun :)

    Looking forward to hearing from you all

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    Hi all, My name is Thomas and I’m a 4th year Software Development student at GMIT, Galway. I love making games and usually live by the mantra "Only create what you yourself would play".
    Right now I’m working on a 2D horizontal Shoot-em-up targeting Windows PCs. I was developing for Xbox 360 as well but I’ve decided to wait for the next Microsoft home console release and release on that instead, hopefully meaning my game will get a little more attention :)

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    Howdy, Sam Redfern here. Thanks again to Alanna and the gd.ie devs for setting this up, and to Liam, Ruairi and Keith for making things happen in Galway!

    I have been developing games since the early 1980s, and until such time as I earn my fortune, I’m working as a university lecturer in NUI Galway. Teaching programming and some games dev.

    I have a bunch of published games, most successfully an indie MMO for PC and Mac called "Darkwind: War on Wheels" and a 3D slingshot game for mobiles, called "Let’s Break Stuff!". Several others are in the works, such as a vertically-scrolling deathracer, and a zombie survival thing (yeah, I know!) And an online high-school RPG/roguelike crossover.

    Currently using the Shiva game engine.

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    Hello all,

    It’s great to see some more movement on consolidating the Galway group online. Nice one, Alanna. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone at the evening in NUIG a few weeks ago.

    My name is Paul Conway. I’m a freelance game artist specializing in 2D graphics for mobile devices. I’ve been working in the industry for 7 years and have over 70 games on my list of credits at this stage.

    You can read more about my exploits on my website http://doomcube.com/

    I’m looking forward to seeing more local events in Galway.


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    Aphra K

    Hey Paul…welcome…

    Aphra :)

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    Hi Aphra, it’s been a long time. :D

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    Hey everyone, I’m Philip. I’m a 1st year postgraduate doing the MSc in Software Design in NUIG, with very little experience at developing games. At the moment, I’ve been looking into recreating a Viking precursor to chess called "Hnefatafl" as part of a research project, and I’ve created one or two small mods (in XML) for FreeCol. I have started teaching myself how to use the Unreal Development Kit, but only in the last three weeks, so I’m still only at a basic level.

    Almost all my gaming is done on my computer, so I’m looking to create games for the computer – Windows or Ubuntu, since I use either. I’m particularly interested in creating a few survival horror games that are set out in Co Galway/southwest Mayo…just an odd idea I’ve had stuck in my head for a while. (I do a fair bit of hiking in Connemara, so that might have something to do with it)

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    Hi Guys Edward Here. Final year BSc.I.T student currently developing strategic team based path-finding. I enjoy the challenge of creating low poly environments.

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    Aphra K

    welcome folks…


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    Hello everyone. My Name is, St. Patrick. Or just Patrick :)

    I am a graduate of Fine Art Kingston University London, and my family are all galwegians. Currently I am teaching myself modelling, animation and programming (I know the latter is not so simply done).

    Since I have been back I have been proactive in a campaign to raise Galway as a games development county and city. To compliment this I have been liaising with politicians and engaging with corporations for sponsorship.

    If anyone is would like to be a part of this, I am trying to organise a meetup in Galway which would help peoples development in animation, modelling, and programming. My aim is to have an active team led community raising the profile in the community, which would develop games for the indie market and sell them through steam, iOS, xbox, PSN, and android.

    The aim of the group is to attract fresh young blood aiding them in their professional development while working towards a team lead build title which would then be published and split between the teams should they turn profit.

    I have access to a lot of free educational materials which I can make available to those who wish to attend. For those with skills, it may be something you wish to join to raise your profile as an active member of the Galway community. Let alone being involved with developing titles.

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    Hi all,

    just found this website and forum, nice one. We are in Co. Gaway so this looks the proper forum to post. You can see who we are on our website https://www.dftgames.com/



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