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    Hey all,

    I’ve been watching a good few demo reels from artists lately. Just realised that it would be great to see a couple from Ireland and thought I’d ask. So does anyone here have any to show off? :)

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    I posted mine a while back. I haven’t had the chance to fix it up. Here it is again though….



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    Must put mine online….whenever I have it in state I’m happy with.
    I am constantly changing it and am never happy enough with it……might work on it a bit over the easter and see if I can get it in a way I’m happy with….

    Downloading yours now Chris….will let you know what I think.

    Edit: Just had a look Chris, very nice I must say. Really like the enviroments, especially the reactor room, it looks really great and atmospheric in the unreal engine. You also did an APC from Aliens, so you obviously have taste too… :p
    (I did one also, on my website if you want a look)

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    I have one I will be putting up on the web soon, I just have to get my website up and running first. Should be in the next month or two.

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    looked at your demo reel chris. sweet…
    i like the japanese gardens and the maya APC tank.

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    Very nice demo you have there, Chris. I actually watched it a few months ago. A second time certainly didn’t hurt. How’s things going for you in Canada?

    Looking forward to seeing more from you guys.

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    Ah things in Canada are so, so. I graduated last June and have pretty much been all over the country trying to get work. I’m constantly sending out my stuff and following up (harassing), to almost every company in Canada that uses 3D for something.

    Ubisoft were looking promising but I haven’t heard anything from them in some time. They hiring like 300 people this year. My other potential candidate is HB Studios, here in Nova Scotia, they do EA Rugby/Cricket. I’m currently doing their art test so we’ll see how that turns out.

    In other news I’ve bit the bullet and applied to many companies in Europe, and I’ll be flying home at the end of April, tail between legs, if Canada doesn’t want me…


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    Thats really cool, I love your models. I’d recommend labelling them and showing their poly counts, just to show them off even more.

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    I came across this today. It’s an article on creating a demo reel taken from the new Get a Job in CG book. Well worth checking out if you’re planning on working on one.


    Too bad things aren’t working out in Canada for you, Chris. Even with a good education in Vancouver and a successful mod under your belt it’s still hard to break in. Says something about the ever-changing state of the industry. Be sure to drop in on a shindig if you make it back to Dublin. With more and more studios establishing themselves here you might find yourself a good home. ;)

    Very good demo, Ken. I enjoyed the animation towards the end with the wall-punching creature. It’s definitely something to work on and improve further. Good stuff all round. Some of your models are amazing!

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    Great real Ken. I was about to ask you if you use Zbrush, but I noticed that you do have it listed in the credits.
    I have never used it, hear its great for organic models and the like. Is it any use?

    The animation with the troll at the end is class, really like it. Top stuff!

    I’m working on getting some web hosting sorted out in the next few days. I have registered my domain name (http://www.davidmcgovern.com) and just have to find a good affordable hosting solution. Once I do I will be redoing my site and will also put up a reel. My current host is a shitty free job and it doesn’t give me enough space to hold a good quality video of decent length.

    It probably won’t be for a few weeks until I get my reel up, but I will post it here when I do.

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    It probably won’t be for a few weeks until I get my reel up, but I will post it here when I do. [/quote:34a236bcbe]
    Can’t get it up, Dave? A lot of people have that problem…

    Here’s a possible solution. I noticed 3D Palace have started to host showreels. May be worth giving Cris a mail to see if he’ll host it for you.


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    Thanks guys. It could use improvement I know. Hopefully I’ll get around to it soon. I want to add abit more architecture and animation too.
    Zbrush is great. Takes abit of getting used to, but the modeling is very intuative. It’s best used in adding detail to a model. I’m sure you’ve seen it all on CGTalk.

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    Cheers for the link Ronny, and the kind words…… :p

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    By the way Ronny, your WWW link has an extra “/”, so it doesn’t work……

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