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      I would just like to ask a question that many people have a different answer to. Where will Irish game development be in the next five years? Will it still be in the position it is now with empty promices of software companies coming over here? Or will we actually have a industry to be proud of?

      Of course there is no real answer to this seeing as no one can see into the future, but what are your opinions on this? I think that it could bring some interesting results.

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      Here’s a similar question, which I believe replies to part of your own…

      What are people prepared to do in order to create or be part of a growing games industry in Ireland?

      There are many folks out there who have the necessary skills and interests to work for a games company, but how many people are prepared to take the plunge and put the time and effort in to getting the financial support? Do you have enough faith to take on the risks that everything might go bottom up leaving you in a mountain of debt?

      We can wait five years for some games company to show up and maybe provide a small number of jobs for a few of us, and maybe it will never happen.

      Meanwhile, every few days a high up person in the IDA reads a new report on how the gaming industry is the biggest growing sector worldwide, and makes another mission statement about how we should be doing something to grow it here. Ten years ago when you mentioned the word “games” people looked at you with all the usual steriotypical images, nowadays, people still dont know much about it, but they know it’s a buzzword and thus worth their time and attention.

      So basically, the opportunities are there, but if none of us do anything, then nothing will happen.


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