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    Hey all,

    I’ll be handing in my UCAS application form sometime soon. For financial and personal reasons I’ll probably be staying in Belfast, but I want to make sure I’ve explored all of my options. I’d just like to know if there is anywhere where I can find university and subject tables for Ireland? I’m looking for pretty much equivalent of The Times or Guardian rankings.

    Anyone know where I could find this info?


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    Aphra K

    to my knowledge a ranking list of unis and courses is not produced in the south Ronny – at least nothing like what the Guardian does.

    try Higher Education Authority for more details on student numbers etc in unis http://www.hea.ie/index.cfm/page/category/id/142

    CAO will provide basic info on courses and how to apply. See http://www2.cao.ie/

    apart from that it is word of mouth and the websites of the individual unis.


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    apart from that it is word of mouth and the websites of the individual unis.

    …and of course some blatant flag waving: go TCD!

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    Thanks for the links! I had a good look but there’s nowhere that makes me think that it would be worth paying for accom and other fees over three/four years. If I left Belfast I’d probably go to Exeter or somewhere else near home. I’m surprised that there’s no chart for this. I’d have thought something like the Irish Times would have it covered.

    TCD was actually one of my favourites! It’s in the city centre so I’ve been through it quite a few times. It’s really nice in the summer when everyone is snacking lunch in the courtyard.

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    In a somewhat related question – we’re wondering here in TCD Computer Science how to get in front of potential students to let them know the benefits etc. For example we’ve an open day coming up and we’ll be showing prospective students around the dept., showing them our cool things (like our motion capture studio etc.).

    Does anyone know where all the leaving cert computer fans hang out :-)

    Any suggestions very welcome… I’m thinking of online forums that would have info/announcement channels or indeed relevant local mags that we might advertise in.

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    Quickly checked with the younger brother for that youthful edge. Bar going on oxegen.ie (a music festival site), boards.ie is probably going to be the best sort of place to get the message out in Ireland. They have dedicated forums for computing, science, games, CYTI (Irish Centre for Talented Youth), Junior Cert, Leaving Cert & even Trinty.

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    http://www.boards.ie ?

    “Discos” ?

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    Greenbean wrote:

    Bar going on oxegen.ie (a music festival site),[/quote:8eb6428afd]

    do you mean the student site http://www.oxygen.ie by any chance as opposed to the festival one http://www.oxegen.ie?? :)

    Niamh (feeling pedantic)

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    Funny enough, I didn’t. I never knew there was an oxygen.ie website. Just pointed out the festival website as a ridiculous option simply because the festival attracts a young crowd and the forums stay active all year around. Weird coincidence.

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    Does anyone know where all the leaving cert computer fans hang out [/quote:2157083d3f]

    Boards is a definitely a good place to start.

    Probably could also try Ilug or IIU, there’s usually a few of the more technically motivated students reading those before they come to college.

    Might be a reasonable amount of people reading gd.ie too, but not posting.

    More long term, Young Scientist exhibitions often have many second level exhibitors who later do tech courses. (Though most exhibitors are probably around transition year, you often get older groups visiting).

    After that maybe the Irish PC magazines, higher education news paper suppliaments, maybe the video games press?

    Obviously, secondary schools, & careers guidance teachers if you can get promotional stuff in there, maybe host a competition?

    Could host a 2nd level competition in Trinity, not have people work on it there, but hold competition there. Something technical but cool?
    (best weapon mod for a video game, or most fun toy crypto scheme etc)

    You used occasionally find computery second level students working part-time in tech support jobs, but don’t know if that happens much now.

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    Thanks for all the good suggestions folks.
    Much appreciated.

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