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      …. and says it with free stuff.

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      Hi there,

      Welcome to the gd.ie community – you’ve probably noticed that feedback can be tough to get out of people at certain times of the year, from your feedback posting – I’m sure like everyone else, they were going to give feedback on this but were probably doing 10 other things at the time!

      Your robot model looks great, as do the other models on your site!

      You’ve also created some tutorials, which indicates that you’re a skilled artist keen to help out not so experienced artists – something that is always good to see!

      I’ve created two quick demos for you, using some of your free 3D models, just to show that we’re not all bad on the forums :)



      As you probably know, quality game development isn’t as common at the moment in Ireland as everyone would like – something that will hopefully change in the future ( I’m pretty sure this same statement was made 5 years ago! :)


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      hey mal, looks like you had fun with the models. the car one is well fun. would be great to see more of that kinda thing. proactive!!! well done.
      here is the current development thread for the robot game.
      there are some playable .dxstudio files there done by brett. will be done before christmas.

      if you ever want to team up and make a fun little game like that driving game, let me know. ;) would probably be able to do more models.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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