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    That’s all well and good, it sounds easy in theory. But you would need one heck of a game to sell 12,500 @ 40 quid a pop over the net.

    Most people who download indie games on the net aren’t used to paying 40 quid, so your game would really have to be very professional and stand out from the crowd.

    Best of luck though!! :D

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    Im not on about my game exactly. But rather main stream games. I know the most copies I would shift is about 4000 @ 20euro (And thats being very optomistic)

    But this is essentially what steam is. A way to cut the publisher out the equation. So why are so many others still dancing to the song of the publishers.

    How effective do you think game advertising is? I honestly have never purchased a game based on an add. A demo sure, a review perhaps, but mainly by reading previews, articles and visting websites.

    Im starting to wonder why so many developers are relying on the likes of EA.

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    Ah, I see. Well, I can see more and more companies going in Valves direction with regards to publishing games. Yes, Steam had, and still has its problems, but that is to be expected seeing as its the first proper online delivery system for games.
    I lot of developers will probably start selling their own games on their websites, or using systems like Steam to do so. It makes sense, its far cheaper and it allows them to sell their product to most of the world without having to rely on logistical support from publishers.

    This really is going to be the way forward, expecially now that broadband technology is becoming more accessible to people. It should also start leading to indie developers and small companies becoming more able to sell their products to the mass market without having to rely on publishers doing it for them and taking a hefty chunk out of their coffers.

    Edit: Like you, I have never bought a game based on an ad. I am usually anticipating a game far before adverts come out promoting it. However, I’m sure casual gamers and parents often are influenced by adverts.

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    True, but ads in Magazines are relatively cheap considering it targets your direct market, and it certainly that can be done in an affordable manner. Ie PC Zone, or PC Gamer and ad in those magazines may set you back a good sum of money but its certainly not out of the realms of a developer.

    Web ads on the likes of CVG, Edge, Gamespot etc, all get their share of views. (No matter how intrusive)

    But parents are an issue, and if the game doesnt sell in a store there is no potential sell to the Parents.

    That said the money is with the kids now, and if they want somethign they will get it.

    I have heard rumours of alternatives to steam being released, does anyone have these names? Apparently duke nukem forver is to be released on it… or so one magazine speculated.

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    Haven’t heard about that Ronan. But the more power that goes back to the developers the better. That leads to more creative freedom and more money to invest in future projects.

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    This country needs a publisher!! … ;)

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    Not as much as it needs more developers. And development studios.

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    That said the money is with the kids now, and if they want somethign they will get it.[/quote:c84ec2aa5b]
    If its not in store and they don’t have credit cards, which the shouldn’t have, then they won’t get it!

    If HalfLife 2 was sold purely over Steam without the in store sales, it would sold a small fraction of what it did sell purely through the accessibility.. Online sales are a possible way forward in the future, but its not something I’d be willing to risk with a startup company in today’s world.

    This country needs a publisher!! [/quote:c84ec2aa5b]
    A publisher would be foolish to set up here with the current lack of dev studios. Maybe in a few years time…

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    Bah, publishers are the leeches of this industry.
    The sooner online retailing and distribution becomes the norm(and it will happen with software), the better.

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    if there was a publisher, even a small one it would help create more dev companies here. Also the publisher would have dev teams all over the world but one important part out of all of this it would help money in this country who Have money like investors would feel better in putting their money into game dev.. that is a fact on my side to share with ye anyway.

    we cant all be developers or middleware and the timing might not be right currently but it cant be said that having a publisher here would not help the industry and in attracting oversea larger developers.

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