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    loads faster than the speed of eircom

    anyone have it? tried it? thinking about it?

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    Well, firstly they are using LLU or whatever which means their service doesn’t depend on Eircom lines.
    Secondly, they offer 2megs for the same price as most of the others offer 512.
    Thirdly, if you register within the 1st 100k people you get free line rental forever.
    Fourthly they don’t “contend” the network, which apparently is good. :p
    Fifthly, they don’t have any upload/download caps per month.

    There are probably more reasons why their offer blows the pants off the rest but in all fairness you couldn’t make broadband in Ireland any worse really! ;)

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    speaks for itself doesn’t it .. :D

    i’ve registered .. but got knows when they’ll roll the line up to the exchange nearest to me ..

    will give them a ring today ..

    it’s good to see something happening regards to broadband though. it’s so true that it couldn’t be worse..

    anyone else register yet.. free line rental for life does sound tempting :D

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    Reasons it”s better than eircom:

    1 They’re not Eircom.

    that is all.

    Really, I’m offended that Eircom get away with the disgracefull “broadband” service they offer. Not only that, but I know two guys who work in Eircom’s business management division and they really are bullies when it comes to opening up their fibr to other companies, thus purpetuating the problem. Some of the stories they’ve told me are jsut incredible.

    These new guys can only be a good thing. Lets see if they survive though!

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    They called my house up a few months back told my mum all about their new phone deal. My mum said she was interested, they sent out stuff and they had to call back within a week to say if she wanted to stop transferring to them. Decided not to bother, so called them up. Everything was fine….until she gets a Smart bill. Stuff went on then, eircom had to give her a special prefix to by-past whatever smart had done to our phone. Continuous treats to sue us for not paying the bill until we got the regulators on them and told them to bugger off.

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    I’ve heard similar stories about Eircom. Fact is Eircom suck balls, plain and simple. They have a monopoly on our communications network and they couldn’t give a crap about improving the service.
    We have a completely outdated network for one reason: Eircom.

    All you need do is go to boards.ie – Broadband or IrelandOffline and it all becomes clear.
    The sooner ComReg grows some balls and starts taking action the better.

    In Japan, for some exchanges if you are within 1k of the exchange you get 24Mbps. 12Mbps 1.5 k away.

    400,000 homes are connected to fibre and get 100Mbps.

    And here we are paying the same prices for 512k. At least Smart are pushing things a bit further!

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    Ah, I just dont trust companies that try to pressure you into buying something by calling you on the phone. Since I moved to Derby I’ve had about 10-15 calls from 2 or 3 different phone companies trying to get me to sign up. They don’t take “I’m not interested” as enough. They’ve tried to be so persistent at times that I’ve just had to hang up on them and once they didn’t even take the hint and rang back to say they got cut off. Took the hint the second time though.

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    Ah, I just dont trust companies that try to pressure you into buying something by calling you on the phone.[/quote:1fe8ad34be]

    Yeah, thats a pain in the arse alright. Eircom are always phoning us asking, nay, begging us to return to them.

    You can always have a bit of fun though. Lead them on by sounding really interested and then say something really ridiculous at the end like “I just saw a magpie wearing a fedora and its a bad omen so I’ve changed my mind”. Then you will get the “erm…..ok…..er…..” response to which you say something like “can I interest you in a fairy cake”, and just keep going with the madness until they hang up.

    Its like when Jehovahs Witnesses or Mormons call around and you engage them in conversation about the merits of Satanism.

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    Can’t be that bad. Just say that you need to turn off the oven and leave. Come back in five minutes and I very much doubt they’ll be there. ;)

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    You’d be suprised….the phone operators work on commission, any sniff of a sale and they won’t be going anywhere.

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    Sure, they will keep ringing you back but it gives more opportunities to mess with their heads. Ask them for their name and direct telephone no. If they are stupid enough to give it to you, ring them once a week asking if they are interested in buying some imported Angolian cow hides or something…..

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    What I love is when you see companies offering 2meg lines but with a download cap of 1.5 gigs per month……..a feckin joke I tells ya!

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    but in all fairness you couldn’t make broadband in Ireland any worse really! ;) [/quote:58b7dc4d4f]

    Yes, it is rather crap… My 512k line struggles to open my home page let alone downlaod any nice videos(ahem)

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    I know they only have a limited range, but Irish Broadband (the company) seem to be very good.

    They have a range of services, what I’m posting from is a 2meg up, 2meg down connection (the upload speed beats the hell out of adsl), with no bandwidth cap.

    It’s reasonably priced, if not cheap, low latency, high uptime, low contention, and good customer service.

    I’d recommend them if you’re in their service area, and need good broadband.

    I have, however, heard mixed things about the ripwave service they also supply.

    The smart thing looks interesting, although you have to treat all claims with a grain of salt till you’ve seen them deployed.

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    I signed up with Smart..

    Can’y wait to get rid of my stupid eircom starter kit BCrap.. I mean come on, 4 Gb monthly limit!… How am I suppose to download all my porn??? :D

    Oh and, careful to anyone thinking of getting that ripwave stuff.. I heard many bad stories about it – reception issues, non-refunding when wanting to pull out cause it won’t work… – Just stick with the regular “physical/tangible”cable stuff mmkthx!

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    i signed up the other day for smart telecom.

    many hoops to jump through, and wont find out if i can get it for a few more weeks.

    my exchange is enabled for bb(all exchanges in dublin are now), but it still depends on the line between your house and the exchange.

    *fingers crossed* :)

    i was thinking about irish broadband for a while, was going to get the breeze lite, 1meg up/down for like 50 a month.
    but i really only want it for online gaming, and having unlimited bandwidth and even good upload/download doesn’t necessarily equate to low ping times between you and the net.
    so, do you game online with it, and what are the latencies/ping times like?

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