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    is limerick universoty any good. i found that they are offering that they are offering a games design course. i don’t know any body who have went to limerick so i don’t know much about it. also letterkenny IT is coming to my school on friday i was wondering if their games design course is any good and what questions should i ask them.

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    You mean U.L. right?

    Well if you do, it is a great place in general. The college and the facilities are excellent. Im a graduate of the computer systems degree there which was discontinued from this year on to make way for the current games design course.

    The course is very similar to the one i just did so it is good in computer science terms. It is 50% computer science in general and 50% games programming orientated from what i can see myself.

    Will it get you a job in games programming or design when you graduate? That i don’t know and in all honesty i doubt. My feeling is youd have to do at least a masters in games programming or design afterwards considering its emphasis on being as general as possible.

    Hope that helps you out.

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    Good man PJ!!!!

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    From one of the people responsible for the course:

    The University of Limerick has a very good reputation in terms of its
    research and the employability of its graduates. It has been running courses
    in Software development since 1979.

    The Computer Systems degree has not been dropped. It simply focusses more on Software development. The Computer Games degree which only began last month, has two thirds of its syllabus in common with the Computer Systems degree, with one third dedicated to Game Development. This would not be unusual.

    They are preparing a more detailed submission for the courses section of the site, expect it to be up early next week.



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    Just in case someone from UL took offense to my post yesterday then apologies. There was none meant. I was just saying that it might be hard for a graduate of the course to pick up a job in the games industry. I have a lot of respect for UL and the computer systems course and I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a computer science course to take up the new course they have going there.

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