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    High powered execs join clan in WoW


    Quite interesting… it’s the first real example I’ve heard of where corporate business users use gaming technology to “herd” or network.


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    Does anyone on the board play it? I’ve never gotten into any MMOs….

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    Does anyone on the board play it? I’ve never gotten into any MMOs….[/quote:17651c13e7]
    Despite many efforts from my friends to make me play it, I refuse to do so. I think time and money could be spent elsewhere.

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    I got to lvl 48 (out of 60) in wow. Many of my mates were in high-status lvl 60 guilds, with large runs on every night.

    It really does take over your live though, we all stopped the same week cold turkey. It can get very addictive, but its only because its such a believable and immersive universe.

    Dispite all the extreme gamers, it really is a fantastic game, and i enjoyed spending hours exploring new cities and continents, as much, if not more than leveling my character.

    id recoment it to any1.
    its only when a group of people start playing it religiously, it gets worrying.

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    I was going to start, but then a large number of close friends started disappearing from the pub to go home and play long before pub closing and I realised it might grab me just a little too much.


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    I prefer Guild Wars simply because its free and requires you to play in teams in order to progress. Though I have never played WoW I havnt really heard anything about it that seperates it from other online RPGs. I could go months without picking up my games again, so for me personaly dont wanna be paying a monthly charge when im not going to be using it

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    Wow is basically a convential MMO. But its the only one that hits every nail on the head, and is by far the most atmospheric MMO/game out at the moment.

    Like most MMO’s, you also have to work in Groups to lvl up in Warcratf.
    And I was on the GuildWars beta, beleive me, WOW is much better :)

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    If it ever becomes free i might try it someday, though I know of a few people who have got bored of WoW and moved over to Guild Wars

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