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    Some people said it was ridiculous for Ireland to try establish itself as an island that could be attractive to game development studios. That’s nothing… Believe it or not it now looks like the Isle of Man is looking to get some success in that field. An interesting article on game dev here. The same could be said about us, but will anyone want to set up shop there?


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    Local technological infrastructure has also been improved over the last five years; the isle hosts Europe’s first HSDPA 3G network, as well as 100 percent broadband coverage and free broadband access for both companies and individuals. “”Because of our state-of-the art telecommunications and networking infrastructure, The Isle of Man is one of the most advanced and progressive European locations available to companies,” said Tim Craine, director of the Isle of Man’s e-business efforts.[/quote:6eeefb87cf]

    Ireland cannot say that though!!

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    as well as 100 percent broadband coverage[/quote:23736d50e1]

    Thats 1% for every inhabitant. :p

    Seriously though it may have a good comms infrastructure, but its still the Isle of Man……have you ever been there? I haven’t, but I heard it has a real “small island” culture. ie: You walk into a saloon and the piano player stops playing, every turns to look at you, and the barman says “We don’t serve your folk round here sonny”.

    Maybe I heard wrong, but I can’t see many companies setting up there. Would you want to move to the Isle of Man to work?
    I wouldn’t, but maybe I’m in the minority.

    This is nothing against people from the Isle of Man, but it just sounds like a very insular kind of place.

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    Look at the bright side, you’d get to see the TT race every year, and don’t they have no speed limits no their roads. Great place for a racing game company :)

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    Its very expensive, you’d have to live on mainland UK and get the ferry across.

    (This is from a guy who lives 2 miles from the ferry)

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    Stormy days are days off cos the ferries not working….great place to work :)

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