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    The world would be far duller without the likes of Mr. Thompson…. but at least the average IQ would be higher.

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    Yea….right. I wonder has he seen the Hitman series of games. By his estimations it’ll be creating an army of cold blooded assassins any day now. :roll:[/quote:9ead2e054f]

    Is that not what he should want as an American politician?

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    Next thing you know, Thompson will be going after the real violence that inspires us to create such wonderfully graphic video games…

    Before you know it, it will be illegal to blaze your rival homies from a slow-moving cadillac with an AK47, or bomb the shit out of non-aggressive sovreign nations to the strains of a Wagner aria, or even shoot-on-sight any federal officers approaching your secure stockade in the lower Appalachians. I mean, what is the world coming to?!

    Gamers Against the Repression of Entertaining Random Violence Unite!

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    Ban paintball. Murder simulators.

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