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    i see the guys at penny arcade actually sent him an email about it and he phoned them threatening to suit them if they mailed him again

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    I found this article aswell about him trying to get someone arrested over a buddy icon on his site of jack thompson getting killed. The article “if its for real” makes this guy out to be kinda neurotic.

    the infamous buddy icon

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    Thats a great article :)

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    Gamers make a mod along simiar lines and Jack says he wasn’t serious: http://www.livejournal.com/users/gamepolitics/107741.html

    In fairness though, I missed the Jonathon Swift reference in Jack’s “A Modest Video Game Proposal”.

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    Nice article. Currently in work with the flu, yet that brought a smile to my face. Cheers lads :lol:

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    Argh….avian flu…now 50,000 of us are going to die.
    don’t you love the media.

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    Well it seems some people don’t really like Jacks idea and by some people I mean the National Institute on Media and the Family..


    The article also mentions the Penny Arcade piece.

    Commenting on Penny-Arcade.com, Krahulik reports that Thompson proceeded to call him directly – keen, no doubt, to congratulate such a successful fellow organiser of videogaming-related charity efforts.

    Or perhaps not. “Jack actually just called and screamed at me for a couple minutes,” Krahulik said. “He said if I email him again I will ‘regret it’. What a violent man.”[/quote:7878018f33]
    Hah, I needed that to wake me up this morning… :D

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    LMAO :,-D That link to an article about a GTA mod dedicated to Jack Thompson… that’s just brillliant. Simply brilliant.

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    Well it seems some people don’t really like Jacks idea and by some people I mean the National Institute on Media and the Family..

    Mmmh… not sure if it’s matter of “liking his ideas or not”. I believe it’s more a question of JT advertising an endorsement from the NIMF which he hasn’t actually obtained. Which strikes me as a particularly dense thing to do, for a legal type – I mean, to the point of light bending around him, kinda-dense :lol:

    Given how much of a hot-headed muppet the guy can be (in public), even if I did agree with his views, I’d think at least thrice before suggesting any sort of association with, or endorsement of, his POVs whatsoever :twisted:

    Oh, btw – when can we a mod for squads of JTs on BF2 :twisted:

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    “The owners of blog Old Grandma Hardcore have responded by creating the game – a text adventure based on Zork, using Thompson’s original script ideas. Zork Thompson v1.0 is freely available in the internet, and, in spite of numerous attempts to contact Mr Thompson, its creators are still awaiting the promised charity donation detailed in the attorney’s ‘I dare you’ letter to journalists.”


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    The idiot opens his mouth some more…


    Why are people even passing this cretin any heed, he’s obviously not playing with a full deck.

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    down with that sort of thing!

    carefull now!

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    It seems Thompson has revoked his offer;


    … but the Penny Arcade guys have donated $10,000 in Thompsons name instead;


    That’s pretty cool.

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    Surely no one can take this man seriously. I didn’t want to say anything until now, but can’t everyone see that he’s just another lawyer hunting down the media industry to make a quick buck?? There’s people like him everywhere. Just not all of them are so vocal.

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    We should make wagers on when the “Jack Thompson Story” will be made into a TV film…

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    “Dr. Walsh’s efforts are funded by Target and by a foundation run by Best Buy lawyer and Best Buy Director Elliot Kaplan,” Thompson wrote, later adding, “I am suing Target and Best Buy over the Bully game, which both Target and Best Buy are pre-selling. You connect the dots.”[/quote:550496957a]

    He is the latest casualty in an escalating war started by a reckless industry whose socipathic [sic] poster child is [Take-Two Interactive president] Paul Eibeler. Dr. Walsh has now cast his [lot] and his efforts, whether wittingly or unwittingly, with him.”[/quote:550496957a]

    How can people take this guy seriously? I mean hes sueing companies for pre-selling a game that is not only unavailable but NOT YET FINSIHED. In fact the only info about the game that has been released are a couple of screenshots and a press release.

    Remind me not to hire this guy if I ever need a lawyer…

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    We should make wagers on when the “Jack Thompson Story” will be made into a TV film…[/quote:008dc79447]

    He could team up with Erin Brockovich for a Rom-Com four our times with a sharp edge…..

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    Yeah, it dosn’t make sense to me either. In fact, I hate to support Jack but it almost does seem like a way of getting violent games onto the market that are not classified as being for over 18 year olds (which I hear stops the game being stocked in areas). Whether this is intentional or not, in America this is what seems to happen.[/quote:44d04e03c6]good point

    here it’s different because 1) the ratings are established by the government and so are legally binding.[/quote:44d04e03c6]nope. Not legally binding for video games in Ireland. It is in UK and NI, but not in Republic. Office of Censor (or whatevr he/she is called) don’t review or rate video games. UK and NI is covered by BBFC

    2) The closet thing to our 18s rating is 16s (I think, let me know if I’m wrong), meaning if a game is really violent, there’s more chance of it being clearly designated as an adult game, and 3) even if a game is 18s, there’s no place over here that I know of that won’t stock it as a result (and if there is, there’s hardly going to be any games companies trying to lower the rating in such a small market)

    EDIT: Actually, I could be wrong here, what exactly is the rating system we use now (PEGI?) and does it have legal implications?[/quote:44d04e03c6]you’re quite right – PEGI ratings are 3+, 7+, 12+, 16+ and 18+ with content descriptiors also added

    PEGI is the European game rating standard and is voluntary participation by the developer

    ESRB is voluntary participation US standard

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    Thompson refuses to keep 10k promise –

    ESA launches legal action against California’s violent games bill –

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    Hrm, never noticed Bunny had something to say about Thompson…



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    I love reading Jack Thompsons letters…..they are frickin hilarious. From GTA being a “Cop Killing Simulator”, Bully being a “Columbine Simulator” to “Halo trained Malvo to kill in D.C.”………..

    The Penny-Arcade guys are making a complete fool out of him. His letter to their local police department is a classic.

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    He’s at it again… Jack Thompson is trying to get the penny arcade web site shut down after they donated the ten grand to charity in his name.

    Anti-videogame campaigner Jack Thompson is making headlines once again – this time for writing to the Seattle police department requesting the arrest of the satirists behind online webcomic Penny-Arcade and charity fund Childs Play.[/quote:af0ed243f2]


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    It’s comforting to know that despite 10,000 years of evolution, we still regard those who shout the loudest as the most intelligent.


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    Man. I just don’t understand. I mean, I just read that fax he sent to the Police department. Good Lord, this is so unprofessional stuff. Even Maddox writes stuff that’s more, how shall I say, coherent.
    I am sure the guys at Penny Arcade will be OK, but it’s scares me that someone like this Thompson can actually be a lawyer, and not be, I dunno, thrown out of the bar for making a complete fool of the profession?
    Surely there must be rules for this sort of things, no?

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    “As chronicled on Bolt, Thompson requested the immediate removal of the buddy with a letter in which he wittily misspelled the site’s URL as dumbass.com.”

    haha….Jack Thompson is a comic genius!! :D

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    I’d say hes more of an “I collected 10 tokens from Tayto wrappers” lawyer than a “I went to an Ivy League college” lawyer…judging by his conduct thus far imo.

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    Its just a shame that “I Can’t Believe Its a Law Firm” didn’t work out for him and his partner Lionel Hutz. I hear they dont even speak anymore.

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    Well it seems Thompson is now under investigation by the Florida Bar Association, and not for the first time.


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    “Because of my prominence, for better or worse, on this public safety problem, a ‘gamer’ a few months ago decided to threaten to kill me via the Internet. I received thousands of e-mails from a kid who was able to blast e-mail me using a service in Ireland that made the death threats appear to come from the following e-mail address: georgewbush@whitehouse.gov.”

    Ok guys, own up!!

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