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    (mods, this might also be relevant to buisness category)

    Just been announced. It’s a “develop-cool-program-for-Siemens-mobile” yoke. Not exclusively games, but last year there been a number of game submissions, and two games made it into winners (out of total three winners). Mobile games is something that will be huge soon, and they still don’t need too much work to get developed due to the platform’s constraints.

    There’s also a buisness section, open to students and start-ups.

    Here’s the thing they sent around:

    Following last year’s successful cooperation between Sun and Siemens
    Information and Communication Mobile (Siemens mobile) to launch the Java
    Masters award, students worldwide are once again invited to develop
    innovative Java applications. Participants will be asked to create new
    functionalities for Siemens M55, MC60 and SX1 mobile phones. In addition,
    this year’s Business (BIZ) Award, which is an integral part of the “Java
    Masters 2004” competition, will welcome entries from start-up companies as

    The competition aims to firmly establish Java at universities worldwide,
    motivating young developers to devote time and effort to mobile applications
    and drive innovation across the industry.

    The best Java Application Award is divided into two categories:
    Entertainment and Business applications. Cutting-edge Java applications
    (J2ME) will be developed for the Siemens SX1, MC60 and M55 mobile phones in
    each category. Professional developer tools will be made available by Sun
    and Siemens. Students and pre-market start-up companies are also encouraged
    to participate in the BIZ Award. Judges will seek well-designed business
    concepts and models along with resource-saving programming which are
    particularly important for mobile devices.

    The first prize is a trip to the award ceremony in Munich, Germany,
    including a visit to the Formula One race in Hockenheim, Germany, as well as
    an exclusive Siemens high-end phone. The second prize consists of a Sun
    Blade 150 Workstation and a Siemens high-end phone. The third prize is a
    Siemens high-end phone. The winner of the Business Award prize will gain a
    professional business coaching by a Siemens Mobile Acceleration Investment

    In the first Java Masters competition a total of 2,000 students across the
    globe took up the challenge to compete for the award of best mobile Java
    application(s). Around 10,000 followers logged on to the Java Masters
    website to vote for the best application, based on the demos and
    descriptions. Online voters judged the winner to be the game ‘Blazers’, from
    Ukranian student Eugene Yatsenko, who has since signed a contract with

    To take part in the second Java Masters Competition, participants must
    register on the Website at http://www.javamasters.org http://www.javamasters.org/.
    Judges from technical and marketing divisions from Siemens mobile and Sun
    Microsystems will evaluate the application looking at user friendliness and
    marketability. The application must satisfy all evaluation criteria,
    regardless of whether the application is a new Jump & Run game, a restaurant
    guide or an email client.
    The final date for application submission is 15 March 2004.

    See also: http://www.javamasters.org.

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