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    Interesting, if slightly biased article on Wired about why Steve Jobs is seen as a near saint in some circles whereas Gates has always been vilified…

    I’ve always asked the same questions really. Why is Gates so hated? Is it just because “everyone” hates Microsoft? And what of Jobs? Surely people must be getting sick of his “OMFG APPLE R TEH WIN!!1111” speeches at this stage?


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    Fire in the Valley is a good book that chronicles the rise of Jobs and Gates. They’ve both been hugely successful at realising the American Dream and I have a lot of respect for both of them. Anyone who has read articles from employees who worked under Jobs in the 80s will know he’s certainly no saint. He’s a great businessman though.

    The article itself is a little one-sided. They should both be vilified for their ruthlessness, but also praised for their efforts.

    I wouldn’t mind working for Microsoft one day…

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