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    Aphra K

    By the way, we posted quite a few jobs for the mobile area in the jobs section of the website this week…pass the word around…


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    Aphra K

    and if you are looking for an illustrator take a look here.



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    Speaking of Jobs….

    We’re thinking of posting the ad below on various webistes and publications. What do people think of the tone/style?

    (feel free to apply from now if you wish though the website has no further info and it could be a couple of months before we put this position in place).




    The rare opportunity in the games industry for someone to get outdoors, wear respectable clothes and smell well!

    Meedja are the brightest brash new things in game development and we’re
    looking for a Business Development Whiz-kid to help us grow our business.

    Proven professional experience and a passion for gaming are desirable. Self
    motivation, creativity, enthusiasm and excellent people skills are prerequisites.

    If that’s you, (or you have spare cash to invest and want the job anyway!), drop us a line to opportunities@meedja.com

    No agencies please. Further details at http://www.meedja.com


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    Concern directed at the stereotyping of gamers when trying to attract a professional person to be involved with you. ie are you saying the rest of the company are of the steriotyped persuasion, or that you think other gamers are too?

    Also, the exact role of the job is undefined, is it you searching for investors, or someone to go looking for it for you etc.


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    Thanks for the feedback. It is greatly appreciated.

    People we have shown this to so far are evenly split on liking it and disliking it so I thought I’d pop it on here to gauge how people in the industry take to it.

    2-0 against so far :(

    Monumenmt, don’t worry about sounding critical – that’s exactly what we need!


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