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      Hi everyone,

      Since I’ve just come across this forum, I thought I’d introduce myself and the mobile games company that I am in the process of getting off the ground: Kerbyware .

      We currently develop for the mophun gaming engine, which means that if you’re lucky enough to have a Sony-Ericsson T300, T310 or T610 then you can play our games! Coming soon for Series 60/Symbian 7 devices…

      It’s not a one man show, and I’m sure my partners in crime will along to introduce themselves shortly.

      We have two games out already, and you can play demos of them by following these links (IE only I’m afraid, as the mophun emulator is ActiveX):
      Ace: http://www.mophun.com/play_demo.php?game_id=125
      Chesswizz: http://www.mophun.com/play_demo.php?game_id=144

      Anyone else doing mophun development?

      We’re also looking for financing to enable us to truely expand the business and our product offering, so if anyone has any advice on the business side of things that would be great too (although probably more appropriate to discuss that in the Business section of the forum).

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      Hi there,

      I had a look at your ‘Babylon’ game… Wonderful, it is a remake of this fantastic ‘Nebulus’ (or ‘Tower Toppler’ on some other continents or machines). I played it a lot on the C64 well over 15 years ago… When I saw the screen, it immediately made me think about it ! Excellent, looks exactly like the original….

      Good work !

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