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      Aphra K

      I know, not another event.

      But in any case I am giving a talk in DIT, Mountjoy Square next Wed evening from 6pm and it is free and open to all.




      public lecture series 2012

      Aphra Kerr

      The Global Politics of Games Production

      6pm Wednesday 28th November

      Lecture Room G6, School of Art Design and Printing

      Dublin Institute of Technology, 41 Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1

      The last two months saw the launch of Halo 4, Fifa 13, Just Dance 4 and Assassins Creed III. The names are important. They are sequels and a mix of original and licensed intellectual properties. Where are they made and who makes them? Can we understand games as cultural and social products as well as economic ones? Does politics have anything to do with it? This talk will explore some of the social and cultural aspects of games production as well as the political and economic factors shaping their development. It will also point to the role that companies located in Ireland play in the global production networks of the games industry.

      All are welcome to this free event, but places are limited.

      Please book by email:indiscussionadp@gmail.com

      This public lecture series is a forum to discuss contemporary issues and current research in typography, art, design, material culture, critical theory, pedagogy, philosophy, society and technology. The series follows the launch of the BA in Visual and Critical Studies at the School of Art Design and Printing DIT: http://bavacs.blogspot.com/

      Updates on the lecture series at:


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