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    at the December shindig. As he is so busy with his new job, he’d like to know when this shall be taking place. He should like to fly into Dublin on the 23rd of December and wonders would this or any date there-after be appropriate for the gathering of fellow shindiggers ( especially you Tony ).


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    Thanks Damo…

    Yeah I know its early but I want to buy me tickets for the fly fly machine

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    Meeeh!!! 23rd is too late here, off to the UK that day. So, triple- :cry:, another missed ‘dig in the offing….

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    23rd not a bit close to xmas for a shindig anyway?

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    Hey, i’m just the messenger

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    Aphra K

    yes us cluchies will probably have headed down home or be heading home on the 23rd… Christmas Eve is the next day.

    how are people fixed for any day on christmas week? My understanding is that companies will probably have plenty of dos that week – us academics of course do not partake in such pre-christmas activities.

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    I can’t, I will be attending too many pre-launch meetings with the elves………um…..I mean, I am away at Christmas on important business.

    And this conversation never happened.

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    Are all the Dave’s on the board actually elves ?

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    As long as noone mentions anything about previous xmas shindigs…

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    As long as noone mentions anything about previous xmas shindigs…[/quote:c97a003472]why, who were you hugging?!

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    You mean don’t mention previous Christmas Shindigs in Doyles???!

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    Well I’ll fly in on the 23rd…so I wont be able to make an shindig earlier, oh well, it was just an idea.

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