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    Something I have been working on, on and off for the past few weeks. Have never really tried cars before, so it was a bit of a steep learning curve!
    Title: Lambourghini Murcielago
    Software: 3DS Max
    Rendered using: Mental Ray

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    Nice. It actually looks like a toy model. Pretty cool.

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    i love cars me :D .. and that one is a beaut ! great work nooptical

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    really really nice, how many polys in the model noop?

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    Loovely render Noop!

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    Not sure Gizmo, never checked…..although I would hazard a guess at…..a LOT! ;)

    Thanks for the nice comments guys and gals!

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    Nice model Noop! I’ll definitly be picking your brain this year… :D

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    Are you using a car paint shader Noop or is it a raytrace material or wha?

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    Love it.

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    It looks rock and roll Noop

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    Dude sweet!! Lovin’ the depth of field

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    Good lord it’s shiny…

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    That rocks!


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    purdy, I want to see it nekked (mesh wise ;) )

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    Thanks for the comments!

    It’s a Shellac material.
    The Base material has a Perpendicular/Parallel falloff map in the diffuse. With the top color being R0, B200, G0, the bottom color is R0, B20, G0. The mix curve for the falloff is adjusted so it’s an upwards smooth curve instead of a straight line. Specular is 125, Glossiness 30.
    The Shell material is a raytrace, with a Fresnel falloff in the reflect channel. Within the Falloff material the IOR is set to 2.5. Specular 160, Glossiness 95.
    The Shellac color blend is set to 85.
    Its a pretty sweet material, read about it on the web ages ago, and thought this would be a good time to try it out.

    The Mental Ray render settings has GI enabled, and final gather set to 1000 samples. Max Radius 15, min radius 0.1.
    There is a plane object above the car which has a standard material applied to it with an “Ouput” map in the diffuse channel, with the RGB leve l set to 3.
    Thats about it. Oh, and there is a standard Skylight in the scene, with a multiplier of 1.5.

    The Polycount with the meshsmooth of 2 on everything is 750,000. Perfect for any Nintendo DS game.

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    The Polycount with the meshsmooth of 2 on everything is 750,000. Perfect for any Nintendo DS game.][/quote:018e9542de]

    LOL spot on, keep up the good work!

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    Im a huge fan of Lambourginis and that is spot on. By gawd, she looks nice. Great job. :D

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    pure class!! great work

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    How long did each of these renders take?

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    a truly magnificent portfolio piece….

    now if you rigged it out with some bones and made it dance….wait, thats been done…

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    At a resolution of 800×452 with the render settings I mentioned above, it takes roughly 6 minutes per frame.
    I’m doing a little rotation of it to add to my PSP videos, and with the resolution at 368×208 and the final gather samples down to 500, it is taking around 3 minutes.

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    Right now I want a 15,000 tri version with

    1. Colour Map
    2. Ambient Occlusion Map
    3. Normal Map
    4. Specular Map
    5. Reflection Map

    Textures are 2048*1024

    Ok its nearly 5pm now, how about have it ready for 6pm?


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