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    Hi folks.

    Thinking in the new year if i get money im gonna buy a laptop to do some audio work on. anyone have any advice on what i should go for. would probaby want the sound balster audigy card.

    thanks!! ;)

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    All I know is I wouldnt go with with Alienware. I thought the world of them until last month, when my laptop was sent back to depot. They basically ignored everything I told them and changed the DVD rewriter…. The techsupport guy was extremely rude and made out as if I was lying. He said they would test the system. The system came back with the same problems, DVD drive sticks, laptop crashes when using DirectX, artifacts in windows and occasional blue screen of death. They never bothered to format it…how on earth they tested the system is beyond me. Of course this is just my experience I’m sure others have had better ones. And as I said when it worked I loved it….

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    I’ve never been unhappy in 5+ years of using dell…

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    Get one with a soundcard.

    [Edit: I likey my dell, so another vote for the dell]

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    i got a dell laptop a year ago and never had any problems with it

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    I had a Dell for 5 years and never had trouble with it, except for when it didn’t work OUT OF THE BOX! Replacement hard drive, modem, graphics card , sound card and eventually motherboard fixed it though and I have to say it never gave me a minutes bother after that. Picked up an Alienware laptop beast a month or two ago and I have to say I’m hugely pleased with it, its a bullet!

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    Aye. I had problems with the laptop as soon as I got it but then the Tech support were extremely helpful then(a year ago) and diagnosed it as faulty graphics card. One was shipped out to me and I installed it myself. The problem is it wasn’t the graphics card but the motherboard. If you install the AGP drivers the system crashes or has artifacts, don’t and it works fine with a small hit to the graphical performance. I had to put up with it as I needed the laptop for my final year project. The DVD drive began to stick and then finally wouldn’t work at all. It was then I went through the fiasco of talking to the tech guys. In the end I’ve lost all faith in AW and would never recommend them to anyone. The price of their systems are too high for anyone to have to put up with a bad level of service.

    Its probably my own fault for putting up with it so long, but as I said it’s tainted my views on AW.

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    I bought a toshiba a bout a year ago and had no probs at all so def recommended granted it is pretty large but suprisingly quite light. Have to say with AW, i bought a big stainless coffee mug* from them and although it did need a new psu it worked fine since :D

    *(all I could bloody afford from them!! :) )

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    Carillon are the alienware of audio pcs… http://www.carillondirect.co.uk

    also, if you go with dell, watch if you use any digidesign/pro tools stuff as they are pretty sticky with support for any models outside a set few, but you can find info on this on the digidesign website

    I use a Sony Vaio for audio production and some location recordings and its been good to me – after you get rid of the gumpf they install on the thing.

    I have regretted not getting centrino though.

    few things important to audio pc fast processor, LOADS of RAM especially if your gonna be working with VSTi/DXis etc, and if you are recording straight to internal HDD then make sure its a fast one.

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    you can also buy usb sound devices. very handy indeed.

    as i got my laptop in ALDI( hold the laughter).

    its a 3ghz p4, with a shit load of ram, dvd+-r\rw, very large screen. 60gb 7200rpm hd, wireless card, 3in1 card reader, geforce 5200 128mb. windows xp\as well as dvd viewing\burning software. fricking great deal.
    Same pc would cost well over 2000 off dell etc.

    all for 1500 euro

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    Carillon are the alienware of audio pcs… http://www.carillondirect.co.uk

    Yeah, I’d have to agree. Their laptops bear an uncanny (exactly the same, inside and out) resemblance to the Area51m 7700, which is just really a chinese thing called a D900T. In other words they are more or less the same PC, a desktop squased in a large laptop case.

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    Alienware, ProStar, Clevo etc. basically all the same highend laptops rebadged and rebranded for bigger bucks

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